Updating Desktop Versions from 14 to 16

I have changed Desktops & am looking to install Manager on my new desktop which I have tried. The procedure I followed was:

  1. Backup File on old desktop version 14.x.xx
  2. Install Version 16.x.xx on new desktop
  3. Import the Backup

Problem is I now have uncategorized accounts and I have amassive job to adjust everything.

Is there an easier way? I have thought of Updating to the latest release on my old desktop and then do the back-up and then do import on the new desktop. I am worried if this doesn’t work I won’t be able to revert back.

Any assistance appreciated.

you are using very very old versions. the latest version is 17.7.5

if you have the installation file for your older version, I would recommend you install the same version on your new desktop, import the backup and then update to the latest version without uninstalling the old version.

This has occurred because the new versions require mandatory fields which weren’t required previously.
The only way to resolve these update uncategorized accounts is to categorized them.

Hi, I appreciate the suggestion, unfortunately I don’t have a copy of it. Do you perhaps know whether it’s possible to get older versions on the website?

Again, I appreciate the suggestion but I have hundreds of transactions so this would be very time consuming. I was hoping for a faster solution.

Not possible.

Sorry no, only you can identify which data needs to be added to any particular transactions.
Start with Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices - possibly the Customer & Supplier names need to be added and any associated money transaction may automatically resolve themselves.