Transfer from 16.8.32 to latest version

i am using 16.8.32 now i want to update my data to latasted version how i can do it

Just download and install. Do not uninstall first. Your data is in separate files that will not be touched. When you open, necessary database upgrades will happen automatically.

i want to change my pc and installed it on new pc my old pc is using 64bit win7 and new pc is 32 bit win7 i back up the business and then try it on new pc but it failed

Now you have asked a completely different question. Read this Guide: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager

i apply the same procedure but it failed

what error do you see?
and please explain in detail what you are doing.

are you able to create a new business in the new system?


yes i am also able to import business which was backup in new version

can you create a new backup in your old system and then try to import it again? also after copying the backup file to new system, before importing check the backup file’s properties and uncheck if Read only is checked.

i already try the above procedure but no avail. the read only box is unchecked

i think the issue is due to recent file structure changes between versions 16.x.x and 17.x.x.

try installing the latest version of Manager on your old computer, create a backup and try importing this backup on the new computer. this should most likely solve the issue.

is there any impact on data while updating to new version

no it will not affect any data. you can directly install the latest version over the old one without uninstalling.

If you have any firewall installed on your new PC make sure you allow Manager to access the internet.

Also as @sharpdrivetek suggested upgrade your manager version on old computer and make new backups to transfer to new PC

if still not working. you better send the data backup to @lubos to check why it is not imported correctly in new version… just my two cents.

Thanks to all problem resolved

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Glad to hear…
How you fixed it?

I’ll be honest, this is one of the worst posts you could make.

ONE day, long after you’ve moved on and forgotten what you did here, someone is going to come across this thread with exactly the same problem.

I’m glad you fixed it. There’s nothing like being stressed over this sort of stuff. The non-techies will never understand.


How about an update on how you fixed it so that next person doesn’t ask in vein and find that you’ve long moved on from this problem


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