Updating desktop version

I have two desktop Manager, on two different computers. Both versions had practice companies. I created companies of my own on both computers, just to practice, nothing else. I then went to update both versions from the “MANAGER” website by using “DOWNLOAD” and a strange thing happened:

On one computer the two companies remained there, unchanged. No data lost.
On the other computer both companies got wiped out. I lost everything.

As I was only practicing, I had no backup, but I certainly do not want that to happen when I start using “MANAGER” with actual data. I will be backing up of course, but why did the data on one computer got completely wiped out, but not the data on the other computer? I followed the same procedures on both computers.

Several users have reported similar things recently, apparently related to a Windows update. Read this thread and the solution posted: Invalid File Format - #22 by lubos. The other users encountered errors when trying to import backup files. You don’t have any, so you probably did not encounter any error.

What operating systems are on the two machines?

I have Windows 10 on the one where I lost my data, and Windows 7 on the other one, where I did not lose my data.

I would adapt the recommendations I linked to for your situation:

  • Download and install v17.12.61 on the Windows 7 machine. Make a backup of each business you want to recover. Put these backups on a drive that will be accessible to the Windows 10 machine. This could be as simple as USB flash drive. Or it could be a shared network drive, OneDrive, etc.

  • Download and install the latest version on the Windows 10 machine. This could easily be something newer than what you have, because Manager advances very rapidly.

  • Use the Add Business button to import the backup(s) to the Windows 10 machine.

Let us know if that works.