Updated Manager now database missing

I logged in to Manager and got a message that the database has been updated but my desktop edition is an older version.
I followed the directions to upgrade and now I have no data whatsoever. And no backup,

Any suggestions?

Your data is not gone. Recently, the default location for the application data folder was changed. So the program is looking in the new location, which is initially empty. You have two choices:

  1. Change the default application data folder location to the old location, or
  2. Import your business(es) to the new location, either using the Add Business button or by physically moving the files.

The location of your old application data folder depends on your operating system and actions you may have taken to change it in the past. The folder may be hidden, depending on your operating system. Read both the current and former Guides relevant to this subject.

Thank you. I’m using a Mac; will try to find the application data folder.

See this post (and topic) from a couple weeks ago: Lost business files when updating to Manager v24.3.5.1340 - #10 by Tut. The form of the old file location on Macs is given there. The folder is hidden. (See Mac Help for how to reveal hidden files.)