Updated OSX version not opening

Hiya — I’m doing a somewhat overdue update of Manager, replacing my old version (16.11.56) with the latest one. I followed the specified procedure (download, drag the new version into the Applications folder, overwriting the old version). However, now Manager won’t open at all. Neither using the menu item ‘Open’ nor double clicking on the app icon has any effect. Any help would be most appreciated.

I’m running OSX 10.11.6 on an iMac.

Could you try the latest version (17.4.8)? It might fix your issue.

I did download the latest version, as far as I know? I’m going through the ‘Download’ page for Desktop Version, and downloading the Mac one. Anyway, will try for a fourth time …

Hmmm, I just did exactly the same steps as I did before, and this time it’s worked. Dilbert Effect, no doubt, LOL. Thanks.