Error opening Manager desktop version

I’ve been using manager for a while now and today it stopped working. I’ve just downloaded the latest version last month and it was working well till i tried it today. My macbook is 10.9.5 osx. This is the pop up error message i get when i open manager.

The problem is that you are now opening an older version when you already installed newer version.

Try to get the latest version again. Make sure to delete old version.

would deleting the old version but still keeping the new one make successfully open properly?
i’ve had both installed for a month now and only today it stopped working.

ok and this might be a silly question but how do i delete it off OSx system?

Just select Manager in the Applications folder and delete it. All your data and setup preferences are stored elsewhere, not in the application. For future reference, when you update in the future, all you need to do is drag the downloaded Manager icon to your Applications folder. When it asks if you want to replace the older version with the newer version or keep both, select Replace.

Thanks! :relaxed: