Manager won't open on Mac

HI. I have tried reading all the other related posts from others that can’t open manager but they seem to be a little different. I was using manager no problem - have previously had difficulties but reinstallation fixed this (thanks to this forum). Now for some reason I recently cannot open Manager even after a reinstall. I can see the app, but I click and click and click on the icon and nothing happens. No error message. Nothing. Reinstall didn’t work. Please help.

PLease disregard this post. I have somehow opened it , though it wouldn’t work for the last fortnight. Strange, but works.

Since you had this problem twice, let’s not disregard it. You say you read all the other related posts. But did you read this Guide?

I think the most common problem for Mac users is trying to open the disk image that is downloaded directly. That won’t work. Open the disk image and drag the Manager icon to Applications. The Manager icon is not a single application; it is a bundle. Follow the procedures described in the Guide exactly and installation or update is foolproof.