UPDATE ISSUE - help please

Hi we updated my mac but didn’t update manager first. current version is 18.9.48 and since updating mac manager is very slow to load and once loaded I cant open anything else. I have downloaded the new version but it won’t update the old.
Have I done something wrong? My husband usually does this but he’s away for a couple of weeks and I need my software asap, any advice please

Make sure you follow the update procedures in this Guide to the letter: https://www.manager.io/guides/7116. A properly installed version of Manager will open the data files from any older version of Manager, converting them to newer structure if necessary. Do not attempt to open files that have been used with newer versions of Manager on an older installation.

Your version 18.9.48 is literally over a hundred updates behind. Most important, you are missing an important change that makes it compatible with macOS v10.14 (Mojave).

Thank you very much all working again now :slight_smile:

With my tongue firmly in my cheek, dump the mac and buy a PC.

hahahaha good idea but my hubby decided to go all mac and its driving me crazy cause I cant work anything. I usually give up and use my laptop hahahahaha

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