Update Has Wiped my Sales Invoices as Payment no received

A few months ago I installed the update for manager and as a result it marked all my paid invoices as unpaid. I’m not going through them and updating as paid which is a massive pain in the ass because there are a number of various payment options people had the choice of paying so I’m having to pull up records from two years ago. However, when I’m putting in the date the payment was received from 2014, it won’t updated the invoice as being paid but instead still has it as unpaid???


Manager never marks anything. Whatever you see in Manager is a result of all transactions you have entered.

Paid invoice means there is a transaction which clears balance due on invoice. There is no marking.

Have a look under Settings what’s your Start date. If your start date is in 2015. Manager will ignore all transactions entered prior start date.

This happened to another user a little while back - read here