Unpaid accounts

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When I opened my programme today, all of my suppliers and customers from before 1/7/15 have appeared as unpaid. Help

Can you please provide a little more information? Do you mean that payments into a bank or cash account from a customer paying a sales invoice are no longer recorded? Do you mean your payments from a cash or bank account to a supplier are no longer recorded? Are these payments and receipts against specific invoices?

Or do you mean that if the supplier or customer existed before 1/7/15 payments to and from are no longer recorded, but if they were created after 1/7/15 they are?

Which tabs and/or registers are you seeing this trouble in?

Also, what period do you have set in the Set Period screen accessible from the Summary page?

Finally, what version number are you using?

Maybe you set start date under Settings to be as at 1/7/2015? This would explain why prior transactions are ignored and invoices posted before 1/7/2015 are treated as opening balances.

Suppliers and customer invoices that have been paid when they were due ie; over a year ago are now showing as outstanding.
I am seeing this in Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices and all other tabs associated with invoices.
My start date under setting is 1/7/15
I am using version 15.7.37

This explains your problem. Manager is ignoring payments received before your start date. But it does not ignore invoices, because that is how it determines the proper balances for Accounts receivable and Accounts payable at your Start Date. I would imagine your balances in those two accounts are very high, too.

First, I suggest you update to current software from http://www.manager.io. Many improvements have been added since your version. Whether you update or not, set the Start Date under Settings to before you began entering payments and receipts.

thanks for your prompt reply.
I have done everything you suggested, but everything is still showing as overdue.
When i go through the process to ‘spend money’ it does not make the payment and show as paid.

What is your new start date and what is the date of the first transaction in your bank account?

I have just rebooted and all is now showing as paid.
thank you for your time in this matter.