All paid invoices are now showing as unpaid

I have 16.5.22 and have just opened up to clear a payment and all my invoices for the year are showing as Unpaid. Since when I sell spares or service it is pay upfront I know that they are paid. any thoughts?

Are the payments for those now “unpaid” invoices still being shown ?

In the cash accounts they are shown as paid and the balance is correct, but if I click on the heading on the Service Invoices I can change them. However if I then save exit the program and then re enter they are back as unpaid

Are you able to provide some examples by screenshots so we can clearly see what you are seeing.
Currently, unsure what this refers to - “if I click on the heading on the Service Invoices”

MGR.pdf (310.8 KB)
Ok first time I have done a screen shot. If I click on the heading “Status” it will change from unpaid to paid.

Paidpic.pdf (283.7 KB)
Shot showing Paid after cliking on Status

When you click on “Status” you are just changing the sort order from Unpaid first and Paid second to Paid first and Unpaid second - you shouldn’t be looking at the same invoice. Between the two views, the first line Invoice date and # should be different.

If you have showing on Status paid and close down, then on opening Manager defaults to unpaid. If you close on unpaid, reopen should show unpaid.

Don’t think clinking on Status is the reason for your past Invoices showing up as unpaid.
In your screenshot, why is there a year between the dates of the first two invoices ?

I didn’t click on status until this morning when it showed up, I have tried saving it when it shows paid by backing up and closing manager and then restarting but it still comes up. Why there is a difference of the year is also unknown as that year was closed and I then started this financial year with my starting balance

I have just saved/backup manager with the Invoice status showing paid, exited by File Close, Quit manager and shut down the Mac. Restarted Mac Opened up manager and we are back with all invoices unpaid.

Manager defaults to unpaid on start up - so backing up, shutting down etc. won’t change that.
The Invoices aren’t changing from Unpaid to Paid - you are looking at totally different Invoices

Are you sure you are opening the correct year ?
It looks as though that 2016 invoice has been entered into the 2015 year.

With Manager there is no need to close a year and start a new year with Starting Balances. You can run Manager continuously for years - all you need to do between years is change the Summary tab Set Period date - but that’s a separate matter

When I said I closed down the year I did exactly what you are saying. However how can I get rid of the unpaid situation. it has not happened before. it has always opened with just the last invoices that I haven’t cleared where I have been paid by cheque… The Year showing on Summary is 1/7/15 to 30/6/16 and apart from a bad debt I don’t reallyhave any unpaid invoices, so if manager has my account right, which it has, how do i fix it without rentering everything. I have even tried going into Time machine and use an older backup of the manager file but that was still the same problem.

At the moment there is no obvious fix but be patient as we work through a process of eliminations.

  1. When you state “if manager has my account right” are you referring to the Bank Account ?

  2. Has this “unpaid” only happened with Sales Invoices, what about Purchase Invoices ?

  3. In the screenshot you showed before, what happens when you click on the column heading “#”, do all the invoices list in sorted order (no gaps) ? - if you click again it should toggle between ascending and descending order.

  4. When in descending order (latest to oldest) are any invoices showing as paid ?

After you have provided answers to these, please try

  1. What happens if you delete a single payment that relates to a single invoice which is showing unpaid (but shouldn’t) and you re-enter that payment ? (Make sure you note all details first)

It appears that if you have only just stuck this problem today and an older backup is now also showing up the same problem then something seems to have gone astray.

Luckily I had a 2nd version on a pc, which wasn’t quite up to date with items on the mac. downloaded the latest manager version & then put the file from the pc into the mac, which has workrd fine

That’s great, it would appear then that in your 16.5.22 edition something went wobbly to cause the sales invoices and payments to become disconnected, that’s why your backup file also suffered the same symptoms.

Just for future reference, did you happen to try any of the points above ?

No I didn’t try any of the above points as I was careful or lucky to also have it set up on an old PC which was only a few days worth of transactions out of sync. I uploaded a later version of manager and everything has been OK. About the only thing not quite right is that the AccV.manager file which I backup to now shows on the desktop as an Exec file and I don’t get asked whether I want to backup as it always has done on the Mac, plus the top of the page does not show the heading with the Minimise and Full page buttons.
Thanks for the help and for a really great program