Manager made my paid Invoices .. unpaid

Good morning from California,

So, I am trying to do pay my Board of Equalization Tax for the last 3 months and as I was going through my Invoices, I realized that some of the Invoices that the customers had paid were now marked unpaid.
The only changed I made recently was in the “Inventory Items” tab. I started to create an inventory list of items and they only show up if I have a starting balance.

Attached are 3 pictures of this.
One picture (Manager current as of 09/04/2016) “Shortline Intercom Company” is the most current, showing the status as “Over Due”

One picture is from "Shortline Intercom from today 09/04/2016 (most current) showing the only thing I recently changed in Manager - The Inventory Start Date.

One picture is from “Manager saved 7.2.2016” and

shows the status of the same invoice as “PAID”.

I am so, glad I backed up my files.

Please help me, I looked in the topics but could not find.
I want my customers that paid, to stay saying paid, so I do not bill them twice.

The problem appears to be with your Start Date. Check it under Settings. According to your 2nd screen shot, your start date is August 20, 2016. But your sales invoice date is June 22, 2016. That may be appropriate if you had an ongoing business and adopted Manager in August. In such a case, you enter unpaid invoices to properly establish Accounts receivable balance.

But if you received and entered payment for the invoice prior to August 20, 2016, Manager is ignoring it because you’ve told the program it happened before you were in business.

So when did you start into business and when did you start using Manager?

Thank you, I went to settings and changed my start date to 2 years ago.
This solved the problem.

I was just trying to add inventory that I just received and I guess I set
my start date for the date I was going to start entering the new inventory.

Thank you, thank you. :slight_smile:

You are the best tech support I know of. :slight_smile:

I am not tech support. I am a user like you.

By the way, if you use Manager from the inception of your business, you do not need to set a Start Date at all.