Invoices paid, now show unpaid

I’m catching up on my books, last financial year end (30.6.2016) all balanced and was correct.

I changed the start date to 1.7.2016 and now invoices back in April 2016 are showing as unpaid and unbalanced.

I did notice I’d marked some as ‘Sales’ instead of ‘Accounts Receivable’ but even after changing this it still shows as unpaid?

I upgraded today, and it’s made no difference.

Can anyone shed some light?

Thank you

You don’t need to change the Start Date, so reinstate your previous Start Date.

To change the year, go to the Summary tab - Set Period and change the “From Date” to 1.7.2016,

Thanks Brucanna, I thought I needed to change the start date each financial year.

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