Unspecified location

i have two inventory locations main and branch, by default the location is unspecified how would i change unspecified to main so that i would be able to transfer from main to branch because all my stock first arrived at the main stock

You can’t rename the unspecified location to main. To shift the inventory from the unspecified location to the main would involve doing Inventory transfers for all your inventory items which would be a real pain. So I suggest that you consider using the “unspecified location” as your main location.

This exact workflow situation is being discussed here: [17.6.10] More clarity under Inventory Items tab

@lubos : so nothing should ever be in Unspecified location from now on.

I don’t think that is quite correct. If a business has been using Manager under one location and then opens a second location they need to go to Settings - Inventory Locations and create two locations, while all existing inventory ends up under “Unspecified Location”.

I think to resolve this:

  1. change the terminology “Unspecified Location” to “Original/First/Initial Location”, and
  2. by default have the “Original/First Location” auto listed under Setting - Inventory Locations.

This means for the user:
a) that they can edit the name of the original/first/initial location, and
b) when creating a second location, they only need to add one location to give them two locations.

This would mean that as soon as the Inventory Items tab is activated, Setting - Inventory Locations would have one location (original/first/initial) automatically listed, which would match the business’s existing single location.

Thanks very much for your reply. but i am still not able to achieve what i really want. if i move or transfer stock to the other location say Branch office , i want the unspecified or where ever my stock is being located to deduct or subtract whatever is being transferred from the original stock. so that i would be able to monitor the stock at the two locations. thank you once again for your time

The way I will solve this is to simply give ability to move transactions from unspecified location in batch operation. I want to keep unspecified location instead of having default location. Unspecified location will therefore have the same meaning as Suspense account. Something that requires attention.

Yes that will happen, take the below situation - Inventory A has qty 10 at unspecified.

Then you do an Inventory Transfer of qty 4 to the Branch Office

Now Inventory A qty displays like this

Stock is being monitored in both locations, plus you can also create the inventory location report.

  1. Why ? Stock on hand physical exists “somewhere” - its not unspecified as in I don’t know where it is.

  2. Yes, if an Inventory Location entry field is not completed, then “inventory suspense” comes into its own, just like an Accounts field not being completed becomes “suspense”

But putting an entire stock holding into “inventory suspense” can be averted by having a default location and then you only need to use “inventory suspense” for unallocated location transactions.

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Are you referring to situation where someone is using Manager for some period of time and then decide they want to use multi-location inventory?

In this case, there will be a tool to “batch allocate” all transactions from unspecified location to specific inventory location so it will be easy to clear retroactively.

But I’m not going to make that decision for users. Some users might actually go back and retroactively allocate different transactions to different locations one by one and re-build their multi-location history as if they always had this feature. Others might just do “batch allocate”.


Must admit that one hadn’t considered the possibility where a user could be operating multiple physical locations but only a single accounting location, however, what difference does it make if the user retroactively allocates from a default or unspecified location - it has to be retroactively allocated from a location.

Having a default location eliminates the need to “batch allocate” inventory already existing in that location, but would assist with inventory being transferred to any new accounting locations.

@ Brucanna once again i have to thank you for your time and pain taken to solve my problem i really appreciate it. however the problem is still there let me know how you get the images above done so that i can show you what my system is showing me. it was not like the one you showed above.

@ lubos i don’t really understand what you mean but i think you are somehow addressing what i think is my problem. pls. kindly give viivid explanation in a lay man way. thanks

There are many websites that explain how to take and save a screenshot. For example: http://howtotakescreenshot.net/

Then you can drag the file of the screenshot into the “Reply” window or use the upload button:

let me show you what i have on my screen
when i open inventory item i have the below

when i click on the quantity to see the detail of the stock balance on first item (Agemawo) i have the below

and the concluding part …

when i click on the quantity of the unspecified location i have this

when i click on inventory location from settings i have this

the main store and shop being created by me
i don’t know if this information is sufficient for you to assist me
what i want now is that all my stock (i.e with the suppliers) should be at the main store and whenever i transfer to shop it should show me the quantity i have in the shop and the one left in the main store
i don’t know also why the starting balance of ‘3’ was assigned to unspecified location and why main store and shop were not displayed when i click on the qty (87) and only show unspecified location

when i click on inventory location i have this

thank you very much i was able to do the screenshot after reading your reply it was very helpful

When you first start using Manager all inventory movements (opening balances/purchases/sales) aren’t assigned to any location as “no location” has been setup. When you setup an inventory location then all existing inventory in the “no location” becomes “unspecified location” as they haven’t been allocated a location. Therefore currently, when you create an inventory location from having “no location” you need to do an Inventory Transfer from the “no location” to the newly created locations.

Currently this transfer can only be done one inventory item at a time but a “batch allocate” has been discussed where all affected inventory items could be transferred in baulk.

Hence my earlier suggestion, that instead of having “Main Store” use the “unspecified location” as the Main Store, then you wont have to transfer any inventory, well not until “batch allocate” or “default location” becomes available. Therefore under Settings - Inventory Locations just have “Shop”

Also I note, that you have “Goods Receipt” and “Delivery Notes” tabs activated but not used.
If you aren’t going to be using these tabs, then deactivate them as this will assist in cleaning up your Inventory Item data.

At last! I have gotten exactly what I want and that was possible because of you .I say a very BIG thanks to you and others

i also observed that after the transfer from unspecified location to shop, say i transfer 4 quantities of an item A and two of those item were sold the quantity sold would not reflect in the stock i transfer to the shop. what do i need to do so that as i sell the items transferred to another location would be deducted and have its own balances. thanks

You need to either:
a) Use a Delivery Note with the Shop as the Inventory location, or
b) deactivate the Delivery Note tab and then the Inventory Location can be selected within the Sales Invoice.

i dont have location option in the sales invoice but i have it in the receive money is it the same