Production material adjusted different location instead selected location

Hello @lubos @Tut … URGENT
For our total accounting & Inventory solution, we have started using MANAGER exclusively. Now, about two months into usage, we have become a bit concerned in noting unusual & unexplained behavior in some instances as described below. Can you give us an explanation or solution for this?

We reproduce below screen shot of the report “Inventory Quantity by Location As at 27/07/2018” See the encircled item: M/CTN DEER 10Y & quantity: -1149 in unspecified location.

Clicking on the quantity of unspecified location, we can see the transaction displayed as below. Therein, it is seen that each of the transaction record is by “Production Order”.

Clicking on view, the date 10/0718, the “Production Order” is displayed showing quantity consumed (allocated) of each material for the Finished Item. As it may be seen, the reference item M/CTN has been consumed (used) 400, see below screen shot

Clicking on the edit in the** “Production Order”**, we can see the input made for the production. There, it may be seen, the quantity input for the carton is 400 and the location has been selected as "Production (Factory)"

Then viewing the transaction of location “Production (Factory)”, it is seen that out of 400 (used), 70 is adjusted here and the rest quantity was adjusted in unspecified location. We don’t know why and we don’t see any reason/logic for the system to put it in a different “unspecified location” when we have specifically selected a location for this transaction.

Initially, we thought that it could be due to not enough quantity being in the selected located, so the balance (excess of available quantity) was adjusted in unspecified location. However, we found out that our reasoning was wrong. As you may see in location “Production (Factory)” above, there are two entries of received quantity of item M/CTN by “Goods receipt”. Even, after the quantity being available, the system continued to adjust the used quantity in unspecified location though we had carefully selected a specific location “Production (Factory)” for each of the “Production Order”. As a result, the quantity received in that location continues to exist unadjusted.

We have other concern too but we will post here later one by one not to make confusion.

However, at this moment, I need your guidance for the above unusual transaction adjustment in a different location ignoring the selected location for that transaction.

Any chance you could send your backup file to my email ? I will need to reproduce locally why is this happening.

We are having the similar issue. Was there any update on this @lubos

Don’t remember if I received the file from @sonicgroup at all. @applet, if you can send me your backup file I will look into it but I will need some screenshot too so I know what to look at.

I had this problem in January. It happened just once and since it was only a small quantity, I used an Inventory Transfer to correct it and it has never happened again.

@lubos Greetings from Sonic Group. Trust you are doing great.

Yes, you recall correctly I didn’t send the file. In fact, I didn’t need to. Giving a second thought to my problem and convinced that Manager being so amazing and versatile must have reason to place the inventory in unspecified location other than the designated location.

So, I looked for all possible reasons. And, as it turned, yes Manager was too smart to handle intelligently and effectively cases of Inventory quantity discrepancy. Let me explain this to the benefit of other users who may have concern with partial or full quantities of inventory items being placed in unspecified location. Please don’t be misled to believe that Manager may have a bug or foolish to allocate inventory quantity in unspecified location (without reason)

This occurs when the balance of an inventory item becomes negative (in other words any entry in excess of real existing balance) will be negative quantity and automatically transferred/put in unspecified location. For example, while making production order, the finished item not having enough bill of material will show zero in designated/selected location and the production quantity will be placed in unspecified location. Simultaneously, the short material will be placed in unspecified location too. However, this problem is solved once the user correct the mistake/problem that he may have made while managing inventory item quantity or the quantity is replenished by way of purchase or otherwise then all negative figures in unspecified location automatically disappears while the previous entries showing zero production figure are also corrected automatically too.

I am not sure if my explanation is clear enough or I am able to express my observation clearly to the understanding of other user.


Great @sonicgroup. Thanks for taking the time to explain this - much appreciated. This helps a lot.

Thanks @lubos for your time on this.