Unit pricing more than two decimals

I would like to use your product, however I am having trouble with my invoicing - the unit price is .067, rounded up in the total. Is there a way I can change the unit price to accept three decimal points?

Support for unit pricing with more than two decimals has been added into the latest version.

How do i restrict pricing to two decimals? Right now i have like a hundred zeros after each price. How do i remove decimals completely?

Is this still happening in the latest version? There was an issue with trailing zeroes which has been fixed just a few hours ago.

I just downloaded the Ubuntu version a few minutes ago. I have this issue.

Jip mac widows and ubntu same problem

Confirmed on version 13.10.5047.13959 (Debian sid 64-bit).

Thanks. I’m now able to reproduce this issue on Mac and Linux. Not on Windows. Going to work on the fix now.

Please check the latest version now to see if the problem is resolved.

Latest version has fixed the issue for me. Thanks.

Downloaded the latest version for mac but its still showing too many decimals.

Its working now! thanks