Prices are not filled up automatically


Today I tried to make a sales order and invoices but when i select the inventory item the price is not automatically filled up. This works until late last night and nothing was changed. Is this a common problem?


I also have the same problem after updating my version to 15.3.89 :frowning:

Please help i cannot use the program.


I uninstalled Manager then went to downloads folder and found version 15.3.82 ( Manager(170) ) re-installed and all is fine again :disappointed_relieved: PHEW!!

If you need to revert back make sure you have the previous version in your downloads folder before uninstalling.
Possible problem/bug with latest version.

Forget what i said @lubos fixed it already :smiley:


Sorry, it’s fixed in the latest version (15.3.91)


There still seems to be an issue with number format?


That’s actually OK. When you view the invoice, the figures will be properly rounded to decimal places based on currency (typically 2). But if the invoice would be issued in say Japanese yens, then amounts would be rounded to zero decimals (Japan doesn’t have “cents” in their currency)

This is just data-entry issue where calculated fields are not being rounded. Most users wouldn’t notice. You have noticed because you are giving a discount of 35.55%? But regardless of that, the figures when viewing an invoice will be have rounding applied.


I have reverted back again to version 15.3.82

I like to see this layout so not to get confused.
Is there a way the latest version could mirror this?

I supply a neighbouring business with certain items at cost price, I use that discount rate to round up to the nearest pound from the cost price.
I also like them to see the retail price so they know what discount they are getting.