Calculating in unit price and let the decimal be 2 decimals

Hello support
i have this issue when i calculating this 1000 / .93 in unit price i got 1,075.268817204301 but i need it to be like the amount 1,075.27 without lot of dicimals
so could you please help me to solve this issue?

If you want the unit price to show as 1,075.27, enter that number. Consider the other side of this behavior. Suppose you were quoting 1,000 units of the same item. Manager will show:


Surely you would not want to show a unit price of 1,075.27 and an amount of 1,075,268.82. Your customer would immediately believe you could not multiply correctly.

Im little confused could you please make me an example of how to enter the number or shall i do the calculation outside the unit price means in calculator program?

Thank you in advance.

Just edit the Unit price field on the sales quote form to whatever you want to show on the finished quote. Do this rather than performing the 1000/.93 calculation. Or, to avoid using an outside calculator, go ahead and enter the 1000/.93 and view the result. Then edit the quote to change it to 2 decimal places.