"unit price" on invoices

I am using version server.

If a unit price is 8 caracters eg 00000.00
then it comes out on a printed invoice as


That is in 2 lines

If the unit prince goes to 000000.00 or 0.0000000 or 9 characters then I get

unit price

Is there any way to force a consistent behaviour?

I know this sounds like pathetic niggling, but my fiscal device will recognise either, but not both.

Can you illustrate the problem with screen copies - I find it hard to visualise what you mean

What is “my fiscal device” ?

In the one invoice “unit price” is in 2 lines. In the other it is in one line

A fiscal device sends VAT information to the tax man in real time

PLease use a snipping tool to shgow the screen images not pdfs

Please post images not pdf files.
That ensures the images are displayed to all users without downloading files with possible virueses

Uploading: FISCAL TAX INVOICE 98403 - ABANTU HOLDINGS - ZWL (1).jpg…

Sorry. Duplicated the first one

Your line description is too long to fit on one line, so it is put on two lines - this has nothing to do with the prices

No. We have tested this many times. It is the price

This happens even if there is no text in the description

If you are talking about the label on the Unit price column, then this depends on the width allocated to the price column which varies depending on the width required for the other columns

Why is it a problem if the label “unit Price” is shown as one or two lines?

The fiscal device has to recognise which column of figures to look at and it does the by looking at the header

It should look for both formats imho - but I agree that this is very inconvenient for you but I don’t think it can be classed as a bug so it is unikely to be fixed

Thanks, all I am looking for is a practical work around to make it consistent. At the moment we are dividing transactions over 100k in half. It looks odd and customers don’t necessarily like it

This is all a result of the space allocation process, which depends on content of line items, not the headings. The priority is not to split the price. @lubos will need to decide whether this request is feasible.

Thank you

I see it only occurs when using the Print button and not when using the PDF button.

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I can only replicate this on very small screens such as mobile phone. What is the screen-size you use?