New invoice/quote does not display unit price or amount once created

When I go to create new invoice or quotation it will allow me to enter unit price and quantity but when I say create all the prices are blank? I am using window 10, I did uninstall and reinstalled but still the same.

Can you show screenshot what exactly you are entering into Qty and Unit Price columns?

Will try

It looks like your decimal separator is comma, not a “dot”. Can you use comma?

You can go to Preferences to change your date/number format country as it suits you.

Tried that, now all my figures are missing?

Let me put it this way, when I create new quote or invoice the unit prices show, amount shows and the VAT column but when I say create, its all gone. does not even show in summary that there are any invoices and I have hundreds. Getting really worried.

You are talking about two separate issues here. The first one is that when you enter amount in Unit price column, it doesn’t get saved. Try to use “,” as decimal separator when entering unit price.

As for why invoices don’t show on Summary screen. Not sure what you mean by that, your invoices will show under Sales Invoices tab.