Empty lines on sales invoice

When using discount, 0.00 columns are created on lines that are not sales lines; no number, no price and no total price.

Please fix this, it doesn’t look good towards the customer

You say no sales lines but you show multipe sales lines with descriptions. Therefore not sure what the issue is because these lines with descriptions should show. and the price as in first screenshot indeed should be 0.0.

What edition (Cloud, Server, Desktop) and version of manager are you using?

Also, it is not clear what your screen shots are showing - could be one of many documents

A full screenshot is much better

there are actually 2 uses;
1 Really empty line; see blue indication
2. Rules with only a description

Empty lines would also concern my opinion; behind thought blocks separation.

Lines with a description would be nice if there was no indication for that in any Price column with 0.00

=> problem only exists when discount is activated

Local version23.6.20.842

Screen; Sales Invoices

First picture is view modes en second is edit modus.

However you look at it, you added each line. Even when left empty they will appear. To solve the issue is to delete any empty sales line.

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@smpons, you seem to regard the invoice form as something of a word processing tool. It is not and never will be. If you require that kind of layout flexibility, you should transfer your sales invoices to word processing documents.

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Can’t understand what you are trying to achieve

Most customers couldn’t care about the format of the Sales Invoice as long as it has the correct information about product, service, and price

The comment about word processor is too simplistic; if discount is disabled it works fine.

There can always be a reason to add comments to a sales line; eg a reference to license numbers

@tut; would be nice if you approached reporting from possibilities not from impossible.

@Joe91; I like to have a conversation about content and not feelings of taste

This is why custom fields exist. Try as in screenshot:

Not that Refno in the Sales-Invoice Line will show within the line while I indicated top of printed documents in case you would have selected also Sales Invoice (extra info on top).

You did not add comments to a line item. You created separate line items. Further, since you did not designate accounts on those line items, the transactions probably ended up in your Suspense account, awaiting completion. Both your uses, #1 and #2, are examples of misusing accounting records to achieve your desires for layout. Doing that makes your accounting incorrect.

You have provided no evidence that this statement is true. Even if it is, you are still distorting your accounting results by misusing line items for layout purposes. And your transactions will still go to Suspense.

But you are allowing your own “taste” to corrupt your accounting records. The program will only do what it was designed to do. Using the program to attempt other things, even if an invoice appears the way you want, risks distorting your accounting.

@eko already told you how to add notes to a line item with custom fields. I did not think it was necessary to repeat that. My purpose has been to point out how the way you use the program risks the accuracy of your accounting records.

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Thanks for the idea; but not working

Not easy to fill in:

It is en mess on de pdf:

I really don’t understand what the problem is with separate comment lines (with or without text) on an invoice.

I see there are several questions from other users; may be worth considering making a good solution for comment (invoice) lines.

Self 24 years software engineer and knows how it works!!!

A good-looking invoice is part of your business card

This is one of the reasons why I no longer recommend manager.io to other entrepreneurs.

While I was a great ambassador of manager.io

The forum is English only, please, @smpons.

You say custom fields are not working for you, but your screen shots clearly show that they are. Your complaint actually seems to be that the View screen for an invoice does not match the PDF layout.

First, however, you should understand that Manager has never been advertised as a what-you-see-is-what-you-get application.

Second, you have not indicated whether you generated the PDF from the obsolete, unsupported, legacy PDF generator (using the PDF button) or a “print-to-PDF” capability of your operating system (using the Print button). The second is the developer’s recommded approach.

Third, you are still trying to cram too much information into line-item custom fields. The developer’s intent for these was always that they would contain small amounts of information, such as lot numbers, serial numbers, expiration dates, or similar administrative information. Lengthy bodies of text really belong elsewhere. Reality dictates that not all desires for content inclusion can be met within the structure of an accounting application designed for general use. I repeat my earlier comment: you may need to transfer your sales invoices to a word-processing document. There is a difference between a “good looking,” professional sales invoice and complete design flexibility.

This was an example with multiple references on a sales line.

Another example where a comment line good for is; group.
Sometimes you want to group products that belong together with a group description.

Computere 1 for employee Jan [comment/group name]
computer case type aaa
motherboard type aaa
cpu memory type aaa
mouse …

Dear Tut; sorry but you don’t listen to a customer’s wishes or what he encounters. You’re stuck in limitations.

I’m not looking for lads, but a solution.