Fiscalization Problem Version


I have updated my server version of to the above named version. The users run manager in a firefox browser. Was fiscalising perfectly, but now the fiscal device cannot recognise the text in the printed invoice file. Has something been changed in the way manager prints?

Ours seems to be fine (cloud edition, Are you making your invoice PDFs through the internal PDF generator (now in Obsolete Features), or by printing to PDF? Is it failing with all sales invoices, or only some? Is the fiscal device giving you an error message?

I have noticed that there are a few situations that cause problems for us when trying to submit sales invoices to the fiscal device:

  1. If the sales invoice runs to multiple pages, but the invoice total is on the second-last page and the last page includes the column headers for Item, Description, Qty, Unit price, and Total. My guess is that the script picks up the word “Total” on the last page but can’t find a corresponding value. This situation arises when our footer causes the invoice to run to another page, but the table of financial values finishes on the previous page. Our solution: remove the footer, which removes the last page.
  2. If there is a line break in any of the column headers. This sometimes happens with Unit price. Usually we use the internal PDF generator to make our PDFs. However, if the Description column becomes very narrow (because we have more columns than usual for discounts, etc) it can push long descriptions onto multiple lines and take up lots of vertical space, so in this case we print to PDF rather than using the internal PDF generator. It seems to size our columns better, but does sometimes break Unit price into two lines. Our solution: try to remove unnecessary columns, or just live with the sub-optimal column widths and descriptions taking up lots of vertical space. Alternatively I suspect it would be possible to use a custom theme to prevent line breaks from happening, but I haven’t looked into this.

So, my suggestion would be to check if there is anything different in the structure and layout in your invoices now compared to previously, particularly regarding line breaks, table structure, different wording, etc.

Also, it might be worth just opening one of the new PDFs and confirming that you can select the text. Some PDF generators (perhaps like some of the native OS ones) might convert text to an image.

There’s just been released v22.12.14.541. Update and see if the problem still exists as that is the standard procedure.

Thank you Mark and Graham. Updated to 541, made no difference. Have solved the problem by making all invoices for fiscalisation come from one local machine instead of any user.