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Hello, The invoice and the quote formats seem to change adding three extra columns, making upto seven columns, this is especially not clear to share with clients.

I ma using the cloud version 22.7.5 .
Is it format that the format to be displayed be changed to the former three column on the four column with Description, unit price, Qty and total ?

Please note the new invoice and quote format is now very confussing.

You should search the forum before posting a new question. See

I have the reference topic doesn’t have anything to do with my request.

The general existing Invoice format up to last week has changed and this has nothing to do with the UAE format you are referring to!


  • The change was by design.
  • The design aim was to be broad enough to cover all jurisdictions requirements.
  • You are probably also correct that it introduces functionality you may not directly need.

It explains why the change you have observed have occurred

Unless you can provide a better solution which addresses all jurisdictions requirements the changes are likely to be permanent

The new format is different, I agree.
It also contain more information.
Ignoring that, if you look at it again, how could it be made clearer?

@Patch Is there no way to choose from the drop if a specific column will appear or not like how we can select that of quantity and unit price on payment, select if that of say tax type and tax amount can appear on the invoice/Quote?

I have also just discovered this inclusion of additional columns on the invoices and it means we now have a tiny space for the description and it makes the invoices insanely long.

Is there no way of making the additional columns optional, so that we could tick a box if we want them included, similarly to the way we tick a box to include a discount column?

It all looks fine onscreen, but when you PDF it everything gets squished together so that you only have space for a few words in the description before it jumps to the next line. Thanks

@minoo could you post a screenshot what you see? The invoice can have a lot of columns but the minimum is always 2 (description and amount).

Once you add item, quantity, unit price, discount, tax codes… (not to mention custom fields) it can get a bit too much - I agree. But without screenshot, I’m not sure what exactly you are seeing because there are many possibilities.

For the record “having too many columns” is exactly what some jurisdictions require and they will usually print their invoices in landscape. The goal here is to implement system that will work for all.

This is what I have for all invoices, quotes, orders, From start of last week

This is the full image 7 columns

@lubos the new columns are also an issue for me, as our invoices tend to be description heavy.

See this example of how a sales invoice looked before the change:

… and how an invoice looks now…

I have managed to improve it a bit by adding shorter labels to my tax codes, in order to narrow those two columns, but it’s still far from ideal. If we could opt in or out of these additional columns, the way we do with the discount column, that would be great and would mean everyone would get what they need. Thanks

@lubos My receipts and payments used to show Item Code in the first column. The layout was much the same as invoices.
They now display Item Code - Item Description in the first column instead. Please put codes only back…

EDIT: Also no Code only on Purchase Invoices, Goods Receipts etc.

@lubos I love the direction you are going with standardisation, and consistency between different transaction views. The multiple columns do pose a restriction in terms of space, which is probably most obvious where businesses has a lot of data in the description field. Would it be feasible to consider a multi-line approach where the Description data is presented in a second line below the rest of the important elements of a line item?

This situation is currently preventing us from sending quotes. Can we have any simplified way to resolve this in the interim while admins work on correcting this?

I think this should be optional.

It seems to me that you could have a ‘Preferences’ or ‘Setup’ section for the program in the ‘Settings’ area. this could have as many choices as any customer could ever want. It would allow each individual customer to choose what they wanted to have displayed based on what they might need for their particular situation rather than having everything show up on everything as it tends to do now. this could even apply to the various check boxes currently on invoices i.e. if you need to add discounts, at least occasionally, then that box shows up, if you never use that then it doesn’t.Tthis would make both the input screens and the print outs be only as complicated and any particular company needed them to be. As long as we are told when things are changed or added, this seems like it would work out best for all (and would potentially update all types of items at once rather than being on some forms and not others while being implemented). Yes, it would likely break custom themes again but that can be dealt with.

Manager already eliminates anything with no content from finished forms. And fields related to tabs or settings that are not in use do not appear to begin with. So most of the benefits you foresee are already in place.

But the idea of having some master list of features buried in the Settings tab is problematic. You would end up with users having to visit multiple pages to allow themselves to enter a discount, as an example. The Settings tab already is a “Preferences” or “Setup” section for the program. You are asking that it take on multiple layers. The philosophy is that anything you can control with respect to a sales invoice is on the sales invoice forum (based on the choices you have already made in Settings).

Please let us know if we are getting any solution anytime soon since we now can not share any quotes or invoices with the current existing format.


I am also having this issue, would it maybe be possible to have an option inside the quote or invoice where you can disable the additional columns.

For my company being able to ready the full Description is more important then seeing a column indicating that VAT has been added to each item.
It was great with the VAT just being added at the bottom.

Please let me us know when and how long it may take to change / improve this.
As my clients are having difficulty understanding some of my invoices.

Thank you

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Ditto. For us descriptions are extremely important, as we are an architecture firm and clients expect to see detailed descriptions of how we have spent our time on their project.

In order to give the description more space, I have had to stop using the discount column altogether and just put a negative figure in the unit price column instead, which is not ideal.

If only we could just have an opt in / opt out tick box for the additional columns on the ‘create’ invoice page itself, just as we do for the discount column, eg Tax (tick or don’t tick) and Tax Amount (tick or don’t tick), that would give everyone the flexibility they need. Thanks

You could also choose to add another line described as discount.