Bug on Edit screen of payslips

Please solve the problem of long spaces and the problem of not showing the total

The totals are displayed only if you have more than 1 line item for a group of payslip items. It is not necessary to display the totals in your case.

What version are you on?

Check mine. Please ignore my currency symbol :smiley:

MANAGER version V21.2.91

Why do you think the field size is a problem? You are showing an entry form. The completed payslip does not look like that.

You can try v21.2.91 with Arabic language

You seem to be the only one who has this problem. Everything is working fine 21.2.91

I did look at this in Arabic. But you did not answer my question. Why does the size of a field on an entry form matter? It simply provides space for long labels, descriptions, or numbers.

Because this thing did not exist in the previous versions, simply i found that appeared in the new update. I want manager does not include
Wrongs because I am one of its users and I want it to be one of the best accounting programs in the world

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Maybe fixed i will download manager and check it again

@aymnak, you are complaining about the developer’s decision to allow more space on a data entry form so there is room for any content a user might want to enter. What does that have to do with the program being best in the world? Perhaps other users complained that they could not fit their descriptions or amounts for small-value currencies into available space on previous versions. This has nothing to do with how the program operates.

My main problem is not in the spaces, my problem is in showing the total, you can look at the attached picture to see what is my main problem. Thank you

This is main problem

I have been using Manager form 4 years.

As @Abeiku already showed you, the entry screen will show totals if there is more than one line item in a payslip item type. If there is only one line, you do not need a total.

You do not say what problem you think that particular screen shot (in post #14) shows. You have shown portions of this same screen twice. You have complained about space and lack of totals. What is the new “main problem?”

What is your point? The program is constantly changing. Are you suggesting you wish it was the same as 4 years ago?

@aymnak the placeholder text issue in Arabic language has been fixed in the latest version (21.2.92) so tracking code field should be smaller now.

Thank you @lubos


Why did you post the above image?

  • is it that you are now really happy with the display
  • or do you think a further change would be very helpful

Posting screenshots are often useful but trying to read your mind is error prone

Please also list the actual version number used