Unexpected batch view print margin issues

Hi all,

i am using manager server edition. can someone please help related to pdf printing:

  1. When clicking on Print → Save as PDF, multi-page document loses its header on its subsequent pages (this doesnt happen to Internal PDF Generator).

  2. Internal PDF Generator doesnt properly reproduce the desired table format which otherwise printed fine both on-screen and on Save as PDF version. (im talking about footers)

So my feet is in both world with these 2 options, each having their own pros n cons.

by the way i am using default themes.

can someone enlighten me?

You have correctly summarized the program’s behavior. The internal PDF generator is an obsolete and unsupported feature. Printing to PDF does not add headers. Nothing else can be said.

thanks for the reply Tut. Guess it is what it is.

Another thing i forgot to mention, when batch viewing, the page “size” becomes distorted (having wider width of paper).

again i am using default themes. is it also the current program’s behavior?

When you use Batch View, you are not looking at actual documents. You are looking at displays onscreen. So paper size plays no part. You will notice that if you vary the width of your window onscreen, the layout changes.

However thats not the case here. Onscreen display and Print display is actually the same, having extra space on the right side.

please see below screenshots:

this doesnt happen in single-view and print though. i have played around page orientation, layout, margins, scale to no avail.

I have no idea what your screen shots are supposed to illustrate. Besides, Manager is not and has never been promoted as a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program.

Sorry if the screenshots confuses you. let me make it clear once again.

below screenshot is what i get from normal save-as-pdf file:

below screenshot is what i get from batch-view save-as-pdf file:

you can see it doesn’t take up the whole page.

both are taken with same exact settings on the printer side. (layout, margin, scale, orientation, etc).

And you are looking at the results of two completely different processes and displays. There is no reason to expect them to be identical.

Well yes correct, however just wanted to make sure if anyone is having this problem or only me?

And does that means i cannot use batch view to create multiple pdf with properly-aligned format?

Well, there’s definitely something strange going on:

Invoice’s individual preview and print preview (built-in theme):

Invoice’s preview in Batch Preview and print preview:

It looks like the column widths are reduced to a minimum.

Tests performed on server trial v23.1.11.592 in a docker container on a Synology NAS DS415+.

yes Mark i can see we have the same issue here.

Version and what OS?

Simlar to @Mark I can replicate this and is unexpected behaviour that should be looked into by @Lubos. I am changing the topic title to: Unexpected batch view print margin issues.

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i am using, Windows OS

The current version today at Download | Manager is

I can reproduce the behavior on Cloud Version

Yes i just updated to, and still the same behavior. @lubos need your help

This topic is in bugs now.

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Should be fixed in the latest version (23.1.18)

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Bug is back on version