Internal pdf generator Issue

when i directly print a sales invoice the custom line item display it with correct alignment and column width.

when i use pdf generator button in the application the custom line item coloumn width changes sharing equal space as description field.

Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get application. When viewing a page or using the Print button, you are using your operating system’s rendering of HTML code. When using the PDF button, you are using the PDF generator built into the program. The program can only control what it produces. Screen views and direct printing depend on browsers, operating system, printer drivers, etc.

This has been explained to you before in response to at least two previous questions you have posted. Please stop asking.

it displays correctly when printed directly on paper using print button. but in case using inbuilt pdf program the coloumn width changes automatically using pdf button. guessing there is a bug.

No. As I’ve explained to you several times before, there is no bug. This is a consequence of how different programs (browsers, PDF generators, printer drivers, and operating systems) render the same source code. The exact same thing happens when you view some web pages with different browsers, or view a document created under one operating system on a computer running under a different one, even with an application carrying the same name.

how to solve this issue to get one design of print of sales invoice.

Either always generate a PDF and print the PDF or always use the Print button. That will provide consistent output. But there is no way to make all of them, or the screen view, match.

i guess then there should be a solution for this issue to have consistent results. Evolution is long process but indeed needed.

Tut mentioned how you can achieve consistent results - just use the same button each time.

Different button work for different people, so that’s why Manager provides multiple ways to do this. You need to find the option that suits your specific needs… then continue using that one.

can’t say if it is issue related with browsers, PDF generators, printer drivers, and operating systems. sure will test run the desktop version on above parameter.

@manishkumarshivam, you need to give up the idea that something is wrong. Nothing is going to produce uniform results between what you see on screen, what you generate via PDF, and what you print. This is no different than when you purchase something on a web site. You see a receipt presented on screen, then want to print it. The printed result always looks different. Manager is a browser and it behaves like one.

Well i m just trying to figure out the issue. my option is hit n trial method. I m not saying anyone wrong here.