Batch View for printing Sales Invoices

Hi All
When I need to make Batch view ( in Sales Invoices windows) to print two or more invoice with one click , It is printed without breaks and also in miniature and not aligned to the middle, as shown in the picture . this is only in last update.

Fixed in the latest version (22.3.45)


Not solved.

It is not clear what the problem is

Your screen inage shows what will be printed and it shows the bottom of one page and the top of the next page

If it isn’t printing on separate pages, it could an operating system problem or print spooler problem or print settings problem

it isn’t printing on separate pages, and I try in second PC but the same problem

today I installed the latest version (22.3.45) but the problem is still there.

You haven’t set your printer settings to print 2 pages on each sheet ?

No Dear , I make it 1 page, and alignment is not correct,

please check attached photo

thank you

I can confirm that this is a bug (using Manager 22.3.45 and Windows 10) - there invoices are not printed on separate pages

I didn’t test across all web-browsers. Please check the latest version (22.3.46).

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OK, it is now working - I am using Firefox 100.0 (32-bit)

BurganPVC, what browser are you using?

@lubos pls look into the matter, printing sales invoices in batch view still not fixed. It is giving print preview on two pages for one sale invoice. This should be like below print

It is clear that you are using a custom theme. So please first try it with the Manager plain theme. Only when it is a problem there can one see this as a bug, if it works correctly then you or whoever created the custom theme needs to revise that.

Also make sure that the printer is set to print for example A4 and not continous or other kind of page sizes.

Dear @eko , it was working fine before may-2022 updates, I have noticed the problem with recent updates so I mentioned.

I understand similar to the change in header (in-line) that put the logo in the middle on print-previews of custom themes because of a change by @Lubos. You need to review and edit your custom theme to make it work again.

I have the same … 22.3.45 -Plain theme - PDF - A4


Ok I’ll work on it,thanks for your response.

@Lubos indicated in this discussion that it is fixed in v22.3.46 but you refer to using 22.3.45, so first upgrade.

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Perfect … Thank you … Confirming that it is working well