Printing Issues

I updated Manager today. I got a new order and went to print out the invoice, but it appears that it has “shrunk” the page when printed. I have tried adjusting the paper size and restarting the program, but nothing seems to fix it. Is it a bug with the updates? My invoices went from filling the page to leave a 1/2 inch blank boarder around them. The only way to have them print the way they used to is to export them as a PDF and print from there - which is very inconvenient.

same for me, and the text didnt had a good quality, its hard to read the text that printed. and the save to PDF, same for me too. if i save to PDF everything good.

I have a similar problem plus I get a bunch of garbage on the top and bottom of everything I print. I do not like it.

Is the “bunch of garbage” because of the setting in on your browser?
Make sure you have set the option to print headings and footers off

What version and operating system? Your issue sounds like something with your printer driver, not Manager.

@Brenda and @Timothy_Marcelleon, same questions for you.

I am running MacOS Big Sur and have the latest version of Manager. It can’t be the printer driver because it worked perfectly because I updated Manager and when I print from a different program, it works perfect. I have changed setting many times to try and fix it, but it appears it is a bug with Manager, not my printer or computer.

That does not help. You need to provide the number. The program was updated twice just yesterday.

Sorry to disagree with you, but it certainly can be the the printer driver. Printer drivers built into macOS include built-in margins because some printers cannot print full-bleed images. It is common to require different custom themes with varying padding to obtain consistent results from Manager, depending on where you are printing. You also do not say what you are printing from a different program. It is entirely possible the effect simply does not show.

Don’t be sorry for disagreeing! I absolutely love to learn new things.

Do you have any suggestions to fix the issue? What I don’t understand is that it was fine until I updated yesterday…

@Stein_Design_s, what makes you so confident it was the Manager update that caused any change? When was the last time you printed something directly? Was there an operating system update during the interval? (Do you have automatic updates of macOS?)

21.1.4 Updated on January 4, 2021

No printing issue until I updated Manager a few days ago

I also have C:\Users\My HP i7\AppData\Local\ManagerChange Folder on the bottom of my Manager Screen. Appeared after I updated. See screenshot.

@Brenda, see the Guide: Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager

It looks like you are using Chrome as your browser. Check preferences there. Also check your printer preferences. The header and footer labels are not placed by Manager.

Hi @Tut i am having the same issue when printing directly, so my work around is to save PDF from Manager and print after from the PDF file, this was after Manager last update.

FYI, OS was not updated in between Manager versions.

MacOS Big Sur 11.0.1
Previous Manager 20.10.93 (no problem)
Current Manager 21.1.7
I am using desktop Version

I am using the exact versions shown here and the issue persists. I don’t change any of my settings printing wise as I don’t need to.

You have never shown anything. I have asked you for your Manager version number twice, but you have not provided it. I am trying to figure out when this issue first appeared so any problem can be tracked down.

I have the same problem with Windows 10. Font on recurring invoices are suddenly much smaller. Need help finding version number. The only possible adjustment I see is in the themes editing. Hate to mess with it as I don’t know possible repercussions.

Version number is shown at the bottom of all screens

Are you using Desktop, Cloud or Server Version edition?

It was the printer driver. I apologize for wasting your time.

I have just updated to Desktop version 21.2.11 and this problem is solved, i believe this topic can be closed.

Thank you @lubos.

It was not your topic, @Inline .