Print and export to pdf

Dears developers and Mr. @lubos , i wish you are fine
when printing an invoice that have multipage there is some issues :

  • invoice header and items table header not repeated to all pages
  • when saving as pdf from printing dialog default saving name Consists of : business name — invoice type — invoice number — invoice date — View
    While exporting to pdf “PDF button” were better it was Consists of: invoice type — invoice number — customer or supplier name.
    also pdf fits column width automatically based on paper size.
    please refback “PDF” button again
  • when printing “print button” on A4 paper there is a noticeable gray background.
    best wishes

the PDF function is not removed from Manager. it is simply disabled for newer business because support for PDF has been withdrawn. you can still use the PDF button. read below.

yes i noticed thank you,
but QR code disappeared " default theme "
and invoice header overlapped as shown below

Do not understand what you try to show in the screenshot. If you click print and safe to PDF the default theme does not have any issues with, see below:

  1. Screenshot following Print button

  2. Resulting PDF
    QR Code Test SA — Sales Invoice — 1 — 15-11-2021 — View.pdf (41.9 KB)

screenshot from pdf exported “pdf button” not printed then saved as pdf
i hope you understand me now :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes and @sharpdrivetek explained that support to the PDF button is withdrawn, but still there for legacy users like myself who had problems with the print function and no issues with the PDF generator that Manager used. However, with the changes in how themes are being generated the PDF generator also in my case would not save for example the QR Code. As I do not have a legal requirement for such it is not a problem and for things like invoices that are pretty easy to generate using the print button that is the way to go while for long lists I can only use the built in generator. So just use the print and save as PDF button and you will not have a problem.

i got the pdf button.
for the built in generator not print the invoice header when having more than one page also table header of the columns , only first page have header and other pages no

You will not get support for the PDF generator as explained. So use the print button and save it as PDF file with browser headers and footers disabled and A4 format selected. Search the forum if you do not know how to do that.

OK, 3 points remaining

is it possible to be the default name when saving as pdf consists of : invoice type — invoice number — invoice date — customer or supplier name. ?
instead of : business name — invoice type — invoice number — invoice date — View

No, you cannot change the default name. You can only edit the file name.

when using print method with multi pages invoices , page numbers also required in default theme "page # of pages # " MR. @lubos

second page

That’s a tough one. I’d like to say that the solution could be a custom theme but that will only solve you headers problem.

You will still face these problems:

  1. QR code will not work.
  2. Custom counters aren’t supported yet.

I think something should be done about that because Imo that shouldn’t be the case.