Unable to start after update to 17.4.9

Hi there,
I liked the fact that I can use custom date in Manager (my native format is yyyy-mm-dd, in work I use dd/mm/yyyy and have data in other formats). I use KDE Neon LTS, which has several regional settings (with different date format) that are switched by switching language indicator. After installing Manager 17.4.9 I got date format which I do not like (USA mm/dd/yyyy), I could not find how to set my preferred format (yyyy-mm-dd), so closed Manager, changed regional settings that have my desired date format (LT) after that I was unable to start manager at all (looks like it crashes on startup).
I could not replicate the problem as I had no time for that, but may try.


On Deepin Linux it runs, but it gives the error:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

And after that never runs again any more :cry:

I’m pretty sure this is related to:

So wait until this is resolved (hopefully today).

I will wait, thanks. By the way, could you give me more info on versioning of the program and when to upgrade/not upgrade if I need stability and backwards compatibility?
Thank you.

Try the latest version (17.4.17) whether it fixes your issue.

Everything is fine now thank you!