Manager 17.4.36 Crash on KDE Neon


Just updated to latest (17.4.36). Running on KDE Neon it starts, but on opening company file or pressing New crashes - no error or any other notification.


What happens when you press “New” or “Open” button? Do you get file dialog at all or the program crashes the moment you press those buttons?

Nothing happens, Manager window closes down instantly just after button(New or Open) click. No error message, no freeze, NO OPEN DIALOG, just close.

Nothing of this kind happens on Mac Osx - after click I get Open dialog or Company window. This must be something with Neon as they push updates quite often. Later will try Mint, Deepin.

I’m have the same issue. Closes as soon as I click on any item on the screen
I’m using LX
Also accessing the data via latest version on Windows 8 no problem

Linux Mint 18.1 KDE has the same issue.

Same here on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04

The latest version (17.4.40) should be fixing this issue.

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Now it is ok (at least KDE Neon), thanks.