Unable to send the report by email

I like this program. I am unable to send the reports through email. While testing email settings, it is working fine and it appears in my sent folder. Whenever I am sending to a recipient email id it is showing failure. Please advise.

Are you using Microsoft outlook? Or orher software?

I guess you have to check email address spilling, or your attached file is too big so the server is blocking it or you have to double check the SMTP setting

It is not asking for any software. Is it required to configure the outlook express for sending the reports from Manager. Files are not too big. It is pdf file of one page. No spelling mistakes in recipient address.

Search the forum for this topic. There have been many threads providing answers to this problem.

Can you be more specific what failure does it show? Perhaps show the screenshot of the error?

Sorry for the delay in replying. The latest version is working fine and I can send the email now.