How to setup Email

Good Day all.

I have some issues setting up my emails to use in the system. It is if there is no connections from program to internet. I have gone through the help guides over and over Im on the latest version.

Have any body encountered the same issue?

If I use the SMTP with port 587 like in my domain info update everything and then click on test email settings it just return with error msg “Failure sending mail.”

If I dont use the SMTP I get an error message “Unable to connect to the remote server.”

Can anyone help me out please.

You need to furnish the information listed at the end of the Guide:


Sorry here is more info hope this helps

  • Manager edition (desktop)
  • [Software version] 18.9.91
  • Your operating system Win 7
  • Screen shots of any error messages
  • A screen shot of your Email Settings page (obscure personal information)

Thank You

To begin with, I assume your email provider probably requires SSL. And make certain you update before trying to send the test email.

Have tried the SSL but get the same error.

Have you tried these settings with some other email client? If you can get these settings working with other email client then Manager could be the issue but until then your SMTP server could be misconfigured as well.

Yes I have done this with 3 separate email addresses I have.

I mean have you tried some other email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird? If you set up your SMTP in Mozilla Thunderbird and can send emails from it, then issue is definitely with Manager.

I will try that my emails is all setup in outlook with that exact info and I use emails every day.