Emails not being sent

Great program finding it very useful

I am only having one recurring issue in regards to emailing out quotes. I have tracking enabled and I’ve been noticing they haven’t been read after 3 or so days. I ring up the people concerned and they have not received the email. Is there any known issues in the communication between the program and ones own email provider/account? It seems to be very hit and miss but occurring more often in the past couple of weeks.

Actually what’s happening is that you need to click View button on specific email to force the status to refresh whether the email has been seen by client or not. Just viewing list of emails under Emails tab is not enough.

In a few weeks, there will some enhancements which will refresh status without clicking on individual emails.

Thanks for the reply.

I already do what you are saying and several of them are not changing even after i have viewed each individually. Also like I said i would ring up the client after 3 days to check to see if they have received the email and they have no record of it.

There appears to be an issue in the sending of the email. For your information my email is a yahoo account. Currently I am having to save the quotes by printing to pdf, open up my email and attach it manually through my email bypassing the emailing function in the program.

Also is there any changes coming involving the ability to attach other documents eg photos to the quotes being sent out through the programs email function?

Yahoo is actually quite aggressive. If you send email to customer with Yahoo email address from Manager and your email address is as well, Yahoo knows that it didn’t send that email and will discard it without delivery.

That would explain why some of your customers don’t receive emails from Manager. Those customers have likely Yahoo email addresses. Is this your observation?

The solution is to use Custom SMTP functionality in Manager so Manager will send emails through Yahoo mail servers or don’t use Yahoo.

i cant seem to send emails it takes a long time then it says "time out or something’ Im new please help. yahoo email.

Try port 587 instead of 465

changed port to 587 this is what I get:

Mailbox name not allowed. The server response was: From address not verified - see Help for your Yahoo Account

i would like to ask whether i can activate incoming mails with the email address i used through the receiving mails through the same email address

Save the quote as a PDF and mail it outside of Manager.