Emails not sending

I have sent many invoices by email in the past without any problems.
I dont use the Custom SMTP server and have no business Logo. I am on the latest version.
I sent an invoice yesterday by email but my customer didn’t receive it. (thought he was telling fibs!)
I have just sent myself the invoice and i havent received it either, always worked perfectly in the past.
How can i get the email function working? I read somewhere recently that Custom SMTP may need to be used but i dont have the first clue about setting this up.
Please could i have a little help with this?
First glitch i have had in 2 years of use, love the program.

There are many reasons why emails could stop working. Since there have been many people who have issues with email deliverability, I don’t look into individual cases anymore.

Instead, you should setup custom SMTP which is the only way to resolve this issue. Future versions of Manager will require custom SMTP in order to send emails.

If you don’t know what’s SMTP, who is your email provider? Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, something else? I can point you right direction.

Thank you Lubos.
I use Hotmail/Outlook
Don’t know why it stopped working, was working perfectly. Maybe it was because I updated to a later version?

Emails might have stopped working because you are probably using Hotmail email address in your Manager settings and Hotmail thinks Manager is trying to impersonate you without your consent. By using custom SMTP settings, you will solve this issue.

Try these SMTP settings:

Password: password
Port: 587
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That’s great, will give that a go.
Is the Username my email address and password is password for my email password?
Sorry, I’m not great with these things!


Thank you very much.