Unable to copy Sales invoice batch data


I have 4547 total sales invoice i want to update data in sales invoice but while when we click batch update then click on copy to clipboard
then after fue seconds it message shows Copyied but we unable to pasete on excel please help on this

it would help other users to provide assistance if you can give more details like your Manager version, edition, OS, etc.

checked and found no such problems as described on version 19.7.24
if it shows copied to clipboard, then the problem is not with Manager but with Excel.
you should try pasting the data in some other spreadsheet program.

Just like @sharpdrivetek 's… I have obtained the same results in version 19.7.23 (Windows). I have not encountered any problem for desktop version.

However, if you (@vrushabh ) are using ipad with cloud version, you will not be able to copy and paste it in the excel (batch update)

  1. 7.24 is a desktop version or server version?

versions are same across all editions and all OS.
have you installed and using Manager on your personal computer or accessing Manager from a local network or on the internet?

If you are using Chrome it can be the browser. There is a known issue due to its incapacity to store large quantity of data. Try using a different one…

i have install on local network

I have also try on firefox

Have you tried internet explorer? I succeeded with it even copying entire general ledger accounts

using cloud and desktop, I was able to do the copy and paste with no problems at all