Batch update of Receipts stuck

Hi all,

In last couple of weeks I am having issues using batch update functionality on Receipts & Payments.
When I open batch update and click on copy to clipboard - button is gray for 2-3 seconds, then it says “copied” for 2-3 seconds and then goes back to “copy to clipboard” as nothing happened in the first place - nothing appeared in clipboard either

This may be because I have close to 3000 entries, but not sure what is causing it exactly.
I have managed to get this picture out of my console on browser.


If any of you had similar issues, would you share your experience, and tell me what I am doing wrong.

This is very handy feature, but in my opinion, batch update should only give filtered entries (as export) instead of all of them


You are not doing anything wrong. But you may have bandwidth problems. The behavior you describe—with the Copy to Clipboard button going gray for a short time, then saying Copied, then reverting—is normal. But you should then be able to paste the copied content into a spreadsheet (or even directly into the working space below as a test). I just tested this with a much larger database with no problems, but on a desktop installation, not via a browser.

As for your belief that only filtered results should be copied, that just is not the way the program works.

Hello I have the same issue copying from the browser. Is there a way to copy from the browser or increase my bandwidth? I tried to filter my selection to only 2 items and it’s still not working. Apologies I’m not tech savvy.

I’m trying to batch update my non-inventory items. The old Batch Update used to work fine for me but the updated version is not working. I do have over 7000 items.

If I have to move to the desktop version. Can I do this without messing up my data as the factory also uses the same program at the same time.

Thank you for your help.

Pay for a faster internet connection, if one is available.

You need to be more specific. What version number? And, if you are using the cloud edition, understand that you are constantly being updated, so “old Batch Update” doesn’t mean anything useful.

You can move the desktop edition any time. Just make a backup and import it. Read the Guide: Understand, however, that you will be operating independently from the factory. Your entries will not be reflected in the database the factory uses. Theirs will not show up on your desktop edition.

Thank you. I am only using the browser. Sorry not sure what the old version was. It worked when the Batch Update - original data shows up on the small window on to which I select all and copied it to a spreadsheet manually.

I will see if I can use the desktop edition just to update my inventories as I’m making a lot of changes to my custom fields entries. Is it possible to just extract the data on the desktop version and then upload the updated data on the browser version?

Yes. But be certain both are the identical version.