Batch update bug

When batch updating transactions, the Copy to clipboard button fails when there are 3000+ transaction in the tab and I get nothing when I paste in Excel.

I tried it in another business with less transactions and it works fine. This seems to happen for large numbers of transactions.

Some users have reported such difficulty previously. But no reason has been identified.

Maybe if we can filter before we copy we would have a shorter list.

You can for everything except Batch Update.

I think this should be in bugs because a major feature of manager isn’t working as intended.

The largest number of transactions in one tab of any of my test companies is 4,655. I just did a Batch Update (version 20.10.42) a minute ago. Copying was nearly instantaneous and update took less than three seconds. All 4,655 transactions copied and updated. That was on desktop edition.

From this, I see no evidence of a bug in Manager. Previous complaints have seemed to be related to internet download/upload speeds, upload timing restrictions by ISPs, and so forth. And some users reporting the issue have admitted to having questionable internet service. No one has ever defined a repeatable set of conditions that produce the problem. (That may be due to reluctance to expend the effort in testing. It does not mean there is no such set of conditions, but I have no way of knowing.)

The developer is aware some users encounter this issue some of the time. But moderators are asked to replicate a problem or gather other evidence before placing a topic into the bugs category. I can do neither.