Batch Creation & Updating Problem if data size is high

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Hope you are fine. One of my client is doing e commerce business and they have too many sales and cost invoices. We always doing batch creation when we import related data which comes from e commerce platform. Then we are importing the data into manager as sales or cost invoices. I have recorded around 67K purchase invoices so far as below;


Batch update is currently stucking. We have tried to use it on chrome,explorer browsers but no changes…

Guess, when data size gets high, copying on batch update or batch creation gives a fail.
Copying large data would take some time maybe some how we can download the same data instead of copying?

Would be any solution in order to solve this ?

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Do you need to import the individual transactions?

Could you not just import a summary daily or even weekly?

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Yes i do. I need to import each transactions. Company transactions are much. When we are trying to make batch creation manager doesn’t respond it…

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This difficulty has been discussed previously in the forum. Have you searched for those topics? The solution for other users has been smaller batches.

I looked into the forum i might be missing related discussions.

We have reduced the row number on the batch , even 100 row of transactions are stucking…

Have you properly identified and used necessary UUIDs? Or are you using plain-language identification for things like customer names?

Please let me know if i m wrong

I always click on batch update then copying the update into an excel sheet than creating new columns & rows than doing batch creation. I’m not deleting bulk cells etc

Always doing my creation with the special codes of customers, suppliers,an accounts etc.

What plain language exactly means ?

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You should not be creating new columns, only new rows. If you are only importing new transaction data, you do not need to re-import existing data. For new transaction data use the batch update to get the correct headings and data format and use as a template to create new transactions and then use batch create for this new transaction data.

I have found that you do not need to import all columns, but the columns you do import must have the correct headings and data formatted correctly below them.

Also be sure, if you are copying your format from Batch Update, that you delete the final Key column before pasting into Batch Create. The Batch Create function generates its own keys.

For updating the data yes, there is a solution which is to paste the updated transactions only and leave out all transactions that have not changed. Perfect.

The problem is with copying the data from Manager to elsewhere, there is no way to filter out transactions to be copied.

So working in smaller batches isn’t an option here. I believe there should be some way we can pick the transactions we want to copy instead of copying the entire table.

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This is something @lubos will have to address.