Back up problem

Dear Manager Team,

i am suffering from the problem of back up. my soft ware is not taking back up, when i press back up button it shows the following message.

please help me to resolve this problem

i am too much worried about this problem please help me to resolve this matter

Do you have access to the location you are trying to backup to?

Have you tried backing up to a different location?

Are you backing up a backup?

Manager is a perpetual accounting system, there is no need to close off the year which is implied by the name of the business

Also you are not using Manager properly as the only entries you have are journal entries and attachments. I suspect that this is the cause

If you are a new user, please read the guides



I think this is caused because you have only journal entries in your file.

Can you show your Summary screen?

I was able to setup a test business with only journal entries and had no difficulty backing up, so this is a problem linked to your operation system and access to your folders

Edit the company name and remove the – Backup
Then create a backup without altering the prompted name.

dear sir,
waiting for your reply…

Dear Sir,
I have changed the business name, but don’t know how to remove the back up.

Dear Sir,

i have changed the business name, and then again i try to take a back up without altering the prompted name, but still it give the same message.

Dear Manager Team,

i need your quick feedback as i am worried about my business record. i want to move from one computer to another.

You still have not shown the Summary page image I asked for some time ago

No one else has any idea of what is on your screen or computer - without this information it is impossible to diagnose what the problem is and propose a solution

Until you give the information asked for, no one can help at all

We can suggest ideas but they are only guesses as to what is wrong and how to correct it

While you are at it, show the screen with the list of businesses

i got what you want, please wait.

For a start you are not using manager in the way it is meant to be used.

You have accounts labeled Cash & Banks but you have created no transactions in the Payments and Receipts tab so they are not Bank & Cash accounts recognised by Manager - no entries can be made in Bank & Cash accounts using journal entries.

You almost never make entries in Manager using journal entries - and you have nothing but journal entries

PLease show the Business scrren - including the bottom of the screen not just the top half

First of all you claim the problem is solved, but it is not so remove the solved status in your post. Secondly you posted a related topic which also included an old version of Manager which you were recommended to update to today’s version.

The issue of creating backups if not related to filename is related to the file location. You should not back-up to the same location as where the active file is working from. It looks like you are working from a back-up file and try to save to itself. It needs to be save to a location where you have permission to save the backup to such as a document folder.