Unable to access from outside network

hi i have server edition.since last week my office location changed now my isp connection is dynamic before i have static connection.in static connection port forwarding and everything working perfectly but now its working only with local network i cant acces from outside my network.pls give me a solution for this

You will have a few choices with this.
Firstly, your router will need to be configured to forward traffic to the machine hosting Manager. Exactly how you do this will depend upon what router you have and what facilities it provides to facilitate this, but in principal you will need to forward traffic on a given WAN port to the server’s port that you use to access Manager. It sounds as though you already had that set up on your previous installation at your old location, and assuming that is still the case you just need to solve the dynamic WAN IP address issue.
For that, many people use a Dynamic DNS Service (DDNS) when they are on a service that uses dynamically allocated WAN addresses. (personally I use No-IP, but there are a good many to choose from), which allows you to use a simple hostname to access their network from outside of it. How you set that up will depend upon what machinery you have available, (but many routers do provide for it as well).
It works roughly like this:-
Subscribe to a DDNS service, and choose a hostname.
Install a piece of software on a machine located within the LAN (or if the router provides for it, enable it there). It is important that this is running on a machine that is always up and running or always running when you want/need people to get access to Manager.
That software then every few minutes tells the DDNS service what your WAN IP address is.
Once established, users requiring access from outside just use the hostname to get access to your Manager installation, as the DDNS service just tells them where to find you.

Other choices:-
Use Manager’s cloud service
Run Manager on your own server located somewhere in the cloud (ie Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc etc etc)

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You should setup:

  1. a dynamic DNS server
  2. port forwarding towards the server
  3. most important a VPN to access to the server in a secure way
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Yes i already set up forwarding and dynamic dns but still same prblm

Suggest that you simply try to access thing using the WAN IP Address. That will tell you whether things are basically working with your port forwarding or not as the case maybe.

When troubleshooting open WAN ports, this tool can be quite handy and easy to use:-

The problem must be in port forwarding or in firewall of your server (again with ports).