Client PC unable to connect the host

I’m helping a church setting up their Manager Server on their computer. I have followed the instructions given, and it worked well on the web-browser of the host computer. However, on another computer, I am unable to navigate the host address and port 8080 (I have opened the incoming port 8080 on the firewall of the host). Please advise me what steps should I take next. Thanks

Try different web-server and see if it works. I’m pretty sure this is networking issue rather than problem with Manager.

If you try to install different web-server on the machine and still can’t get it work, then you know it’s networking issue.

I agree it has to do with the networking or setting issues, but I’m wasn’t sure how to go about it or to test on different web-server as suggested. In fact, all their computers are able to navigate to the Clocking Systems software through to the localhost using XAMPP. Could it be the XAMPP blocking it?

there are millions of possibilities. I suggest you try the following

  1. find out the ip address of the hosting server (if Windows, use command prompt and type ipconfig, if Linux, try ifconfig and look for ipv4 address)

  2. from any client machine, in command line terminal, ping the ip address see if you get any response

  3. if connection fails, you need to configure the router. If connection succeeds, you need to configure the hosting server’s firewall or web server’s .conf file

Good luck

Thanks for the help. It was the firewall that causes the problem.