Server setup

I am trying to figure out how does the server edition work in the client pc. I have followed the instruction to install into the server. Then I run the software on the server via the chrome server working and also same location another pc is working but distance location pc not connect with server so plz can u explain me with simple …
or better send me video for explain

If you wish to get access to a device/computer/server located within your LAN, you will need to change and administer the settings of your router or edge of network appliance to allow traffic from outside to pass into your LAN. This is a process called ‘port forwarding’.
The upshot of doing this is that you would be able to access your Manager Server from the internet as a whole and not just from computers within your LAN.

To be honest, if you do not have the necessary skills and experience to do this sort of thing securely then this is something that you probably should not do, as you can run the risk of allowing bad-actors gaining access to your LAN and the computers within it.

If you are comfortable administering a Manager Server, then you could consider installing it on a VPS host and allowing access to it that way. Alternatively, if you do not wish to administer a server on a public IP Address, or do not have the skills and experience to do so, you might wish to consider using the Manager Cloud Edition which is fully managed and curated by experts.



Port Forward, Dynamic DNS, Reverse Proxy with SSL (preferable Caddy), firewall, ip routing and Backup Schedule. for hosting a manager server. at office or home cheaply and own control environment.