Uable to Save data on old file after updateto the latest version

Please help …
I have updated the latest revision . Any update did not save on the old manager file , always appear new manager files.
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I am not quite sure what you are asking

The guides Manage application data folder contents explains the contents of the Application folder

The hexadecimal manager files are the business files used by manager. The files with plain text name are ?

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I have old version of manager file “Compass Manager 6.manager” .
(1) I have updated ( download) the latest revision of manager
(2) And add above “Compass Manager 6.manager” in Businesses
(3) I have update some data inside software
(4) But the data are not saved in “Compass Manager 6.manager”
(5) I have found that all updated data are save in new file " f4f871c7xxxxxxxxx" which is not existed previously.

Updates only add or replace (depending on how you do them) the application. Data is not stored in the application, but in a separate data file at your application data location. You have changed the default application data location to D:Drive D\DOWN LOAD HISTORY\02-2020\Manager. So, if you are looking there to find the new version of the program, you will not find it.

Sometimes, updated versions of the program require changes to the database structure to incorporate new features. When this happens, Manager automatically creates a new application data file for the business. The link on the Businesses page is changed to point to that new file. But Compass Manager 6.manager is not that file. Read the link @Joe91 sent you to understand all this.

Thank you ,

I have uninstalled manager software , and re-installed. Add business imported old file (1) ( please see in screen shot) and appear new file (2) . Imported (2) appeared new file (3).

Can you advise , how can be rectified ? Or Where can i get the old version ( the last year December 2019 release)

Thank you

you will face this issue if you double click and open the business file from your Windows Explorer. because Manager imports it as a new business. so after importing it as a new business, the newer entries are stored as a separate business file. this is the reason you are seeing more than one business files in your Application Data folder.
this behavior is already listed as a bug.

after moving your backup file to your Application Data folder, always open Manager and select your business listed in Manager rather than directly opening from your Windows Explorer.

What you apparently did not do, @s250643, is read the Guide you were given. Your file #1 is not your business data file, whatever it is. There was no need to uninstall or reinstall the program. And you cannot obtain old versions of the program.

  • The file with the human readable file name is likely to be a backup you created and saved in that folder.

  • The files with the strange hexadeximal file names are the ones used by the Manager program internally. The location can be altered via the Preferences page you showed by clicking on the current settings.

  • Most people keep these directories separate, as the one Manager uses to store it’s data is best not (routinely) altered by the user.

For more information on moving the Application Data folder (the one shown in the preferences and used internally by Manager) see:
Application Data: Manage application data folder contents | Move application data to another folder (e. g., Dropbox)

Another important point is that you should definitely not keep your backup files and primary application data in the same folder or on the same drive. When, not if, your drive fails, you will lose it all at once.

Thank for your advices .
(1) I have set application data file to default location ( please see screen shot)
(2) I open Manager from desktop icon ( not direct from window explorer)
(3) Business and add business " Compass Manager 6"
(4) I have created test receipt and updated
(5) But the update was not in " Compass Manager 6"
(6) All update went to “e0e01c3763a44cf5a05c8d8951532b91” file
Could you please help ? which was wrong ?
Thank you


The file “e0e1 etc” is the file Manager uses to store the data for the business “Compass Manager 6”

You should not normally open the file by clicking on the file in file explorer

Have you read and understood the guides Tut pointed you to?

That file is a backup file only and is not updated by transaction entry
The “e0e01c3763a44cf5a05c8d8951532b91” is the file which is updated by transaction entry.