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I backed up my data for my business and now reset the folder for some reason. I am opening the old file using ‘import business’ but only the new business name is being populated in my manager interface. Rest of my data is not there. How to resolve?

You must provide screenshots. I am unable to understand your issue.

What is the meaning of “Reset the Folder”

You also need to explain what you mean by “the old file” and “the new business name.”

If you make a backup, the original business data file is unchanged and still appears in the list on the Businesses tab. The backup will be saved wherever you designate during the backup process. That might be in the default application data folder, or it might be in a different location if you have changed the location of your application data folder. But it will not appear in your list of businesses until after you have imported it, if you do.

Backups also have distinct names that include the date they were created.

Please find attached the imported entry from the backup. As you can see the date is appended to the name of my business. However, all the data has been lost somehow. I can just see the business name being imported without any associated data.

Describe exactly, step by step, what you did to create the backup, then what you did to open the business named SAH CEMENT CENTRE (2022-11-13). Also, post a screen shot of your Businesses page (the one that appears when you first open the Manager application).

For doing the backup, I just clicked on the backup button and kept all three checkboxes that appeared (history, email, and one more) checked.

For loading the backup, I used the Add Business and Import Business options.

And please find the businesses page’s screenshot below:

Sometimes, users select the wrong business. Kindly check and be sure it is the right backup you are selecting. You may be selecting an older file. Navigate to where the new file (target file) is really located.

That’s not a problem in this case. I am selecting the only backup file I created and importing business from there.

I also have the original data file for the business. But even when I am importing from there, all my data seems to have vanished

It looks to me like you installed Manager incorrectly (or not at all). Your application data folder is shown as /Users/nikhit/Downloads. That is not where a properly installed program would be saving your data. I wonder if you are running the program from your Downloads folder. You may have another instance of Manager installed somewhere else, saving your actual business data in the place where it belongs.

So let’s go back to basics. What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) are you using? I suspect the desktop edition, correct?

Next, what operating system are you using?

Then, how did you install the version of Manager you are using?

I have installed the Desktop version properly, however, simply changed the input folder to my Downloads. I am using Macbook Air M1 Ventura 13 and installed the Manager using the dmg file downloaded from the website here: Download | Manager

Basically, so far, what I have figured out is that I was creating the backup in the same parent folder as my main file. Either this may have caused the problem but I am unable to even use the main file to get my data back which doesn’t make any sense to me.

You may not have installed correctly. On a Mac, the program belongs in the Applications folder. If you did not put it there, do so as the first step of recovery.

The program will, by default, create an application data folder at /Users/username/.local/share/Manager, where username is the name of the user. This is a hidden folder. To view it, you must toggle hidden folders to display by simultaneously pressing Command + Shift + . (period) while in the Finder. The same key combination will toggle hidden folders off.

You have not changed “the input folder,” because there is no such thing. You have changed the location of your application data folder to your Downloads folder. To understand application data folder management, see this Guide: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.

Not only should your backup not be in the same parent folder as either the application or your primary application data file, it should not even be on the same drive. If it is, you will lose your backup when (not if) your drive fails and you lose the primary data file.

I believe you got yourself into trouble by trying to be creative, without accomplishing anything. There was no reason to change your application data folder to your Downloads folder. All you have done is tell Manager to look for your data is a place where it is not. Then—although you did not explicitly tell us this—I think you imported an empty backup. And you never moved your actual data to the place you told the program to search for it.

To recover your data, follow these steps:

  1. Read and understand the Guide linked above.
  2. Change your application data folder back to the default location. See Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager.
  3. If your original business data file does not appear on the Businesses page, search for it in the hidden application data folder (it should be there, with no date appended to the business name) and import it.
  4. Open the imported, original file and verify it contains your real accounting data.
  5. Report your results here.

Later, if you have some valid reason for wanting to store your data somewhere besides the defualt location, such as to make it available in the cloud, change the application data folder location following instructions in the Guide linked in #2 above. Again, following that Guide, move your real business data file to the new application data folder location. Otherwise, you will be back in the same situation, with the program searching fruitlessly for data that is not where you say it is.