I noticed that there are some missing translation in the dutch translation of Manager so I would like to add theme.
Therefor i joined the translation team but I can’t find the string on webtranslateit. Are all the string in sync?
A string I couldn’t find is: Multi-step income statement for example.

Yeah, I’m sorry about that. There are roughly 50 strings missing on WebTranslateIt.

I’ll bring it up-to-date this month. It’s still manual process for me although I’m thinking of a way to automate this for the future.

also, there is an English/Arabic missing translation… for example: all the “learn how to… and the options below” don’t change when we change to Arabic. Also, if I change the language for the first time as English, in the income statement, there will be “Revenue” and “Expenses” even if I choose Arabic… and if I choose Arabic for the first time, it will be “إيرادات” and “مصروفات” even if I change to English.

I can help you in Arabic language as it is my native language; also, study accounting in a university. So, I know the Accounting concepts and I can give you scientific translation for most of it

looking forward to hear from you

@Ali, if you are interested in joining the translation team, see the link at the bottom of this web page: Translations | Manager.

The language preference affects only internal program text. Learn How To… links are to a separate Guides web site, which is not translated. The individual links are shown in the program in English because the Guides themselves are titled in English. The text listing the various Guides is not actually contained in the program, but in a separate file called by the program. And that file, in turn, is generated from the exact titles (in English) of the Guides.

Can you explain this in more detail and provide screen shots to illustrate what you say the problem is?

the above photo explains… when I started the program for the first time, I chose language “Arabic”… After changing to English, titles of P&L statement still Arabic. Also, the accounts below them still Arabic, those account are not made up by accounts chart

To fix the problem, I have to START with English, which means I have to delete the business and start again.

Ohh, one more issue, while Arabic is the chosen language, when I tick “starting balance”, there is a hint says “You will be able to enter starting balance once you set Start date under Settings tab.” sometimes it comes in Arabic and sometime in English

I think part of what is confusing you is the difference between built-in groups and accounts and ordinary ones like those you create yourself. Balance sheet groups like Assets, Liabilities, and Equity are built into the program. When you change the language preference, they should change. Some balance sheet accounts, like Accounts receivable, Payroll liabilities, and Capital accounts, are also built in and appear automatically when relevant capabilities are added using the Customize link. All such accounts can be translated, because they are known and have equivalent Arabic versions in a table.

Other accounts that you add yourself do not have entries in the translation table, because no one knew in advance they would be in your chart of accounts. So, if they are created in Arabic, they stay in Arabic. If they are created in English, they stay in English.

The same logic applies on the profit and loss side. Built-in accounts and groups will translate. Those you add yourself will remain in the language you used when they were created. But in the profit and loss statement, there were also some sample accounts included when you started your business, like Bank fees and Electricity, for example. These behave just like accounts you create yourself, so they do not translate.

The thing to remember is that Manager does not have a live language translation capability. There is no artificial intelligence. Translation is only a lookup function. Additionally, the need for new translated terms is ongoing as changes are made to the program. So a language that was 100% translated at one point in time may no longer be 100% translated later. And if the translation table is not updated, Manager will fall back on the English term.

Yes, the accounts in the balance sheet those in Arabic are created by myself. But, the whole sheet of profit and loss are built in; I didn’t create any of them.
the P&L sheet is split into “Revenue” & “Less: Expenses” and you know this is not able to be changed manually. Ask yourself, How did they change?!
Revenue = الايرادات
Less: Expenses = Less: المصروفات
Notice that it’s written “Less: المصروفات” half English, half Arabic. How could that be?!

The reason things can be mixed is that P&L group names can be treated as if you created them yourself. Someone might prefer Income; another person might prefer Revenue. One person might like Expenses; another might prefer Costs, depending on the type of organization the accounts are for.

To get a consistent chart of accounts, you need to edit all account names not in the translation table to be in your preferred language.

That’s fine, but why I can’t edit Revenue to make it income? or edit expenses to make it costs?
This is the point,it doesn’t translate fully. But also, I can’t edit it!!

You can, by editing the group name under Chart of Accounts in Settings:


LOL! I didn’t notice that… thanks @Tut