Language switch

Hi, first post. Already user: Win10, Manager 20.10.71
I noticed that the language (string) doesn’t switch, in particular P&L, although I understand all items are translated
Also starting a new manager business it’s just the same, even if I install it clean from scratch on Linux.

Do I miss something?

Any advice is highly appreciated

See the Guide,, particularly the Note in the section on effects of language changes.

Thank you Tut, I missed that note.

However, if choosing a preference language before creating a business is in P&L (almost or entirely) 1 to 1 to any translation (and in particular English), why not let it translate it too back and forth as a standard.
Most of these are usual terminology afterall and if a different is needed, then customize or create new one. That happens when working on the balance side too.

Because the translation process only looks where it expects to find known terms. At new business creation, it knows what will be there. After the user has had a chance to edit, it does not. (It does not matter whether the user has actually edited anything—it is possible, so the lookup does not take place.)

Whether usual or not is irrelevant. A word could be highly unusual and still be translated if it is in the table. The process only translates specific words for specific applications. The same word elsewhere will not be translated.

I am not sure exactly what you mean. What, specifically, are you saying happens on the balance side?

Thanks for replying Tut,

The pictures I posted previously are of a brand new business, and terms apparently are very known.

I mean that, although accounts fit back and forth in almost every situation, if an account/translation doesn’t fit exactly in the situation, e.g.: Capital Accounts=(NL)Kapitaalrekening, then I customize (or create) a “Privérekening | Owner Equity” and catch both. Sporadic thus.
I believe the same might apply to P&L. Almost everything fits back and forth as far as I can see in the translation list (EN-NL).
That’s why I was wondering why not translate all afterall. Just a speak out thought.

Of course, if you choose a preferred language you stick to that, period, although sometimes bilingual is nice to have either necessary.
I also understand the point of Control (and not control) Accounts, but if I look at the example given in Northwind, I see in the P&L that some accounts are translated back and forth and the same accounts in my business are not, I get a bit confused.

If the order of your screen shots is any indication, you created the new business while the language preference was set to English, then changed to Dutch. You have to do it the other way around, as explained in the Guide. You would get this:

If you then changed to English, you would have:

As you can see, the groups and accounts on the profit and loss side did not change titles, because they could have been edited by a user. But Net profit appears in English because it was added automatically.

Your screenshots illustrate exactly the behavior described in the Guide. For example:

  • Inventory - sales and Inventory - cost are automatic, hard-coded accounts. So they switch back and forth when the language is changed.
  • Cost of Goods Sold and Operating Expenses are group names on the Profit and Loss Statement. Because these could be changed by the user, they are not translated back and forth. Their prefixes (Less in English and Af in Dutch) are not editable by the user, so they do change.
  • All other group names and totals in the screenshot of your Profit and Loss Statement could be edited. So none of them change back and forth. (Net profit would again be the exception, as explained above.)
  • Every group and account on your balance sheet is either default or an automatically created control account. So all groups and accounts are translated back and forth.

Thanks again Tut,
I understand the logic behind it. but:

Why is that not translated in a brand new business. Nothing has been edited.

No matter if the initial preference is English or Dutch. I tried both brand new, in P&L are also default, but English stays English and Dutch stays Dutch :confused:

I’ll figure out as the time passes :slightly_smiling_face:

@Rox, your latest post seems contradictory. Perhaps that is not surprising, since you say you are confused.

At first, you seem to be missing the point that you must change the language preference to Dutch before you create the new business if you want default Dutch titles. Do this while on the Businesses page, not after a business has been created or accessed. This will create all default groups and accounts in Dutch, as illustrated in the first screen shot of my post #6. If you later change to English, these P&L groups and accounts will not change. They will remain in Dutch.

Later in your post, you wrote the sentence above. That indicates you do understand. By choosing language preference before creating the business, you have control over the default groups and accounts on the P&L. But regardless of how you start, the P&L groups and accounts will not be translated back and forth (because of the possibility they might have been edited). And anything you enter yourself, whether on the balance sheet or P&L, will not translate.

I think you are expecting some kind of live translation. There simply is none. Manager’s translation feature is a tightly limited lookup process. Specific words in specific places will be translated if they are in the table. This control is necessary (1) to maintain strict accountability for meaning and (2) to ensure all the 66 languages currently supported fit form, list, and report layouts and can be used in email and PDF operations on all three available operating systems.

I appreciate your patience Tut, and dedication too, really!

I do not expect a live translation, just a v-lookup, based on word-values instead of indexed numeric codes.
What I tried for a check is to create 2 identical businesses, new with only default accounts, one in English the other in Dutch. The accounts you see in the last pics are default created. The inventory-sales only is generated from a sales test (and is in the table).
In P&L I see all groups/accounts respectively in English and Dutch in their respective own businesses and that’s OK.
However, switching language from inside EN business or inside NL business, P&L does not translate except “NET PROFITS”.

That means P&L is static in the preferred language even with default created / unedited/unchanged groups/accounts (like Income / Expenses and subs).

I can live with that of course, just to be sure I wasn’t missing useful features.

Thanks again Tut

You are not missing anything, @Rox. Your conclusion that the P&L is static is a good way to put things, with the exception that you can control the default content once, but only at the very beginning.

@Tut :+1: