Wrong translations in the Dutch version

Someone with the name Reyjamir joined the Dutch Translation team, but apparently he is not Dutch because he screwed up all the translations for the Bank Reconciliation Statement I discovered. And maybe he did on some more text. I have not the slightest idea in what language he translated the text of this report. Can you undo his translations and please contact him. I try to keep the Dutch version to the status of 100% translated the correct way. Users are not happy with some who is screwing up the good work the Dutch group did. Thanks for your cooperation.

He contributed 4 segments but they were new strings previously untranslated.

See: https://webtranslateit.com/en/projects/2694-Manager/locales/en-US..nl/strings?user=20823

However, I will be looking into adding proofreading layer so new contributors will have to be checked by proofreaders before their translations make it into the program.

It’s Indonesian.

@ Lubos & Jon
So to see, this guy is definitely member of the wrong group, but it also shows that it is a weak point in the translation tool, that anybody can change things without any kind of check. Please implement “proofreading” in due course. For the Dutch version, I am a candidate for proofreading. In the time between, I changed his “contribution”.


In the Dutch Bank Reconciliation Statement, there is one line of text, I can nowhere find how to translate.
It is the text “Bank reconciliation discrepancy”. In Dutch it should be translated in: “Bank afstemmingsverschil”.
Can you help me out or tell me how to translate this text string.

@Hennie, sorry - it’s now translatable on WebTranslateIt.

Again a translation issue
The English word “to” has three different translations in Dutch:
I send a letter to, to is translated in “aan”
I drove my car to Amsterdam, to is translated in “naar”
In reports, a heading like “from - to”, to is translated in “tot”.
In the P&L-report I find the wrong translation “Aan” instead of “Tot”.
Is it a thing you can change in the translation table?
I think the same problem counts for the German-language where it is “an”, “nach” and “bis”.
Is there in manager a difference between “to” and “up to and including” ?
I think it is an essential difference because in my opinion “to” doesn’t include the specified day and “up to and including” does. In Dutch we make that difference: “tot” doesn’t include the specified day and “tot en met” does.
Can you give some explanation how you treated this.

Good point. I’ve added two new strings FromDate and ToDate to WebTranslateIt portal which should address this ambiguity.

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Hi There:

I just request in Web Translateit an invitation to help translate in Spanish. Right now there are a lot of missing strings and I’m willing to help.

Please acept my request. Thanks!