Translations not up to date

First of all, many thanks for this great piece of accounting software! I know it has been asked a couple of times, but the translations (in my case Dutch) are not up to date.

I’m new to accounting in general, and all these English terms are not helping.

Hope the translation strings will be updated soon in WeTranslateIt and in the software.

The reason why translations aren’t up to date is that it was quite an effort to make all content translatable as I was developing new features. Finally I got around to implement a tool which is going to keep everything up to date automatically from now on.

If you check WebTranslateIt now, you will see all new additions. I will probably email all translators to notify them of this update.

Manager and WebTranslateIt will be synchronized both directions every day starting today.

Fantastic news! Just one question, what do you mean with synchronized? Will we get update notifications in Manager Desktop when new translations are available? Or do we have to wait until the monthly new release?

If you do any translation work, it will be automatically available in the next version of Manager within 24 hours.

Nice! Do I have to download the new version from the website, or is there a build-in update mechanism (I’m really new to Manager)?

I’ve translated 31 terms from English to Dutch :slight_smile: .

You will have to download new version from the website. But always give it up to 24 hours since it can take that long for new translations to roll into new version.

Also, thanks for your contribution.

Ive updated and indeed the new translations appear.

Were you able to email the Dutch translaters? Because I don’t understand all Accounting related terms yet.

I’m a new user of Manager, but not new in the accounting business. I studied economics and worked for almost 40 years as a financial controller for US, British, Swiss and Dutch companies. I’m very familiar will all the Dutch terms used in accounting and I already changed a lot of translations because of the fact that they are incorrect or partially correct.
I also joined the Dutch Translation Team

What steps are or need to be taken before the corrections will be implemented in the software?

@Hennie, thanks for your contribution.

Translations are automatically merged with the program every 24 hours. So all you need is to download the latest version a day after contributing changes.

Hi Hennie,

I read you have already submitted dutch translations. How to go about giving some more translations? I see something like “wetranlateit” but I do not understand what to do.

I have found the following terms that have not yet been updated in the most current version ( 16.1.63):

	englisch (orginal)
	Dutch (translation)


	Interest received
	Ontvangen rente



	Accounting fees
	Boekhouding kosten

	Advertising and promotion
	Advertenties en marketing

	Bank charges
            Bank kosten

	Computer equipment
	Computer apparatuur




	Legal fees
	Juridische kosten

	Motor vehicle expenses
	Auto kosten

	Printing and stationery
	Printen en schrijfwaren


	Repairs and maintenance
	Reparaties en onderhoud




Hi Mike,

I’m indeed one of the Dutch translators and I just checked the translation-table. All 726 items are translated and there is no one left to be translated. Please give more details where exactly in Manager you found the untranslated items you mentioned above so that I can check the software upon that.

Kind regards,


Hi Hennie,

Oh, I figured out what happened, and perhaps this is a unknown feature (or wanted functionality?): The company that you create will have the current language settings. When you change language/country settings the items in your previous created accounts stay in the original language it was created in.

I was probably too eager to start with Manager when I created my account, and the language settings where still in Englisch. However, I had only to translate the journal entries “income” and “cost” side and I believe the journal entries in “activa”, “passiva” and “eigen vermogen” were translated as you would expect.

So I think Lubos needs to take a look into the switching of languages part of Manager: Either do not translate, or translate all the journal entries.

Hope this clearifies my observation.



I think this reflects @lubos’s general adherence to a principle of conservative accounting: never change an historical record. I could imagine a company beginning operations in one country/language, but perhaps relocating or simply doing so much more business somewhere else that it becomes advantageous to switch languages. But all those previous sales invoices should probably stay in their original language.

Hi Tut,

Of course there are benefits of not changing records in an account. But when you change the language settings, you can also change them back. And if that would work flawless, then nobody would notice it ever been changed.

But, the strange thing is (and perhaps somebody else could verify with other languages), most account names change but not all are translated. I have here an example, of a business created with English US language settings, and then changed to Dutch. See the difference, and some words still remain English while most account names are translated (Chart of account view):

Orgininally created with English US language:

Dutch setting:



BTW: as a reference, here the screen shots of an chart of accounts view of a business (test3) created when Dutch language settings were active, and then when English US language was chosen:

Created Dutch:

Then when changed to English US setting:

When you create new business in Manager, Manager will automatically create a few income and expense accounts. These accounts are not in-built. They are created automatically in whatever language you have currently set up. And they can be deleted.

But Manager has also many in-built accounts which are there to support subsidiary ledgers, so they are translated even after changing the language. These accounts cannot be deleted.

I could make Manager a bit smarter and make it so it translates these income/expense accounts on language switch too. Maybe I’ll do it one day.

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Hi Lubos,

Thanks for the clarification. In my opinion I think it makes sense to have all accounts translate to the language setting. As long as amounts/values are not translated :wink:



Hi Lubos,

I found some translation bugs. Here we go:

Financial reports
When you create a new balance report and a new Capital Summary report . I get the field “title” although this has been translated in Dutch.

Aging reports Receivables and Payables when you create new reports there is a "field called “sort by”. I can’t find “Sort” or “sort by” in the translation table of Webtranslateit.

Kind regards,