Transfer money between banks doesn't appear in bank reconciliation

I am trying to reconcile my monthly bank account. I have transferred some money from another high interest account to top it up during the month. I used the transfer option but it hasn’t transferred into the reconciliation, so I’m $3000 out… what do I do?

Can you post a screenshot of the transfer (open it for editing first)?

Please also check that the actual bank account that you are reconciling (at your financial institution) has received the $3000.

The transaction in Manager should be set as either Pending or Cleared… to match the actual status of the payment (whether it’s cleared in the destination account or not).

here is the edit as you requested. And yes the amount appears in both bank accounts - one as going out and the other as going in… but it is not showing up in my reco.

why are the months on cleared date different?
Debit is on 26/10 and credit is on 26/11

That is not uncommon. Notice the two banks are different. Whether via cheque or electronic transfer, banks take time to clear incoming transactions. From Manager’s perspective, though, it is still an inter account transfer.

However, you have probably uncovered the problem. The clearance date on the receiving bank has not yet arrived.

i was suspicious it was a mistake because the dates are the same and exactly a difference of one month.

As @sharpdrivetek and @Tut mentioned, there is a one-month difference between the dates. Do you actually need to wait an entire month for the money to be received by the other bank? I think this is unlikely, as in my experience it’s usually only a few business days.

Any reconcilation done between 26 October and 26 November will show the money as missing, because you no longer have the money at that time – it’s in between banks. According to your transaction, anyhow.

I think you need to update that second date to be more accurate (likely late October / early November).

yes, Shane, and others, that is exactly the problem… thank you for your sharp eyes…

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